January 16, 2015


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This is my last post about Colombia. New Year's eve at my cousins' house was so much fun. The theme was "greek gods" and, even though some didn't find it to be that exciting compared to others they've done in the past, I thought it was very cool. Everyone was dressed up in white (with a couple rebels) and some made their own costumes out of sheets haha. I really liked my costume. I might have liked being a greek goddess. 

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I found those naked girl stirrers at one of the big grocery stores in Cali and was so excited about them. I can't wait to make cocktails for my friends with these naked girl stirrers. They're the best. Even though I've been on a drinking break, I took a... break from that break... Just for NYE! I had a gin & tonic, and quite a few glasses of the most amazing spanish cava. 

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As per usual I was drawn to the kitchen. The minute I arrived, I gradually took over food and drinks. I put together cheese plates, poured sauces into cups for the table, arranged crackers and decorated plates. I made cocktails: whiskey sours, pisco sours, cuba libres, gin & tonics... Despite all the chaos, I simply had to make the simple syrup for the cocktails. Not before, no, because I'm not that prepared. Still, it was all very fun.

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I even made fresh lemonade for little cupid below. My cousin's kid Tomas looked SO very cute that night! I was impressed with the kids who stayed up waaaaay past their bedtime. It was a fun night and with this fun night I end the posts about Colombia. Cheers everyone!

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Priscila Betancort said...

Love the party!! ;) Nice people!!
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

My Showroom

Theycallmetaniaa said...

SO Pretty! Looks like a fun party

x said...

You look great! Just found your blog and love it, looks like you had a great time x
Feel free to check out our newest post :)

Eatlovemerry said...

You look gorgeous! x

Romande Deer said...

You're lovely with this dress on !!

Cheers ♥

The Fashion Panda said...

Looks like such fun NYE party ! :)

Shoshana said...

Looks like a fun evening. I went to Cartagena, Colombia last October. It was my first time there. We went for my boyfriends birthday. We figured, lets celebrate with friends and not in Europe this time. We had a wonderful time but never really ventured too far from the city wall. Your photos from the farm look amazing. So jealous.

* Helen * said...

Looks amazing fun, hope you enjoyed yourself!! <3

I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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Kirsty Merrett said...

love this post!!! beautiful pics

Shae R said...

Looks and sounds like a great time! I would love to throw a party like this one day. And thank goodness they had you there to run the kitchen!

S. Roderick

V Mozzer said...

I absolutely love this idea for a party! How fun!

Your black and white photos are great. I also loved the photo with the candles/flames in the foreground.

You really have a knack for photography. :o)


SissiHope said...

Great pics

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