January 10, 2015


food food food food food food

mango with lemon & salt // fresh coffee at la finca // cutting into freshly picked fruit // said fruit // still have no idea what this deliciously strange fruit is called // hojaldra

food food food food food food
food food

madroƱo // mom buying ceviche // our family likes to make sushi // best ceviche in Cartagena! // I'm always able to find froyo // kids selling coconut water // uchuva plant // mom & popsicle in Cartagena

food food food food food food food food ceviche Valentina Duracinsky Colombia food

lots of fried food // coconut // delicious ceviche on the beach // big bag of coffee!! // peeling 'frijoles' // serving sancocho // fresh fruit at the market // ceviche (again) // oh hey, more ceviche // peeling 'frijoles' 

I was excited about this post! Another great few weeks in Colombia and so many delicious things... Some of these pictures are from the summer (I didn't go to Cartagena on this trip) but I didn't include them in any other posts so they made it into this one. Ceviche is one of my favorite things to eat in Colombia. The peruvian ceviche is also incredible, but quite different. I went to Pedro Junior cevicheria on my last day and it was so worth it. I want to make my own version of ceviche once I get home, slightly healthier. What do you think? Ever made it? And have you ever tried mango with lemon and salt? You're missing out if you haven't! ;)


Marta said...

Nice post and photos!

Mary Andrikus said...

You're making me hungry... btw the picture of your mom buying ceviche, I thought it was you at first then I read the description and realized that it was your mom.. :D and I love froyo as well! I always get them whenever I find them when I travel :)

Haylee said...

Oh my sushi! Your family knows how to throw a legit meal, that sushi looks incredible.

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