January 6, 2015


Hungry Ghost Bread
I spent the past few years in Northampton, Massachusetts. As a student at Smith, I was on the meal plan. From what I understood, everyone has to be on the meal plan, unless you live in a certain house or live off-campus for some special reason. Even though I could always eat breakfast, lunch & dinner at Smith, by my last year, I was going out 1/2 the time. The good thing is that most restaurants serve portions that I can eat for two or three meals so even though it was expensive, it wasn't that expensive (ok yes it was). The last semester at Smith especially, I was getting really sad about leaving all these amazing places. My friends kept saying "What the hell are you complaining about? You're moving back to Paris. You'll be fine." And they're right, of course. Still, I loved all these restaurants and cafés! As you've seen, I've been writing about my favorite noho places for the last month, and now I have one final long list of all the great places in Northampton.

My Favorite Places

Thai Garden - I wrote a whole post just about this place. Read it here.
Haymarket - I've gotten their Lucky's Immune boost juice about a zillion times. Everything else is amazing too. of course they got their own post. Read it here and enjoy all the pics of delicious food.
Provisions - I love this place. Provisions is a fantastic store for great wine, tons of beer from all over, amazing food from places like Italy and France, fancy chocolate, and best of all, cheese from France. And other places but oh yes yes, France. The people who work there are gentlemen and have sold me great wine, great cheese, great fig spread. This specialty store is a must.
Herrell's - what a great place for ice-cream. Their pumpkin salted caramel swirl is out of this world delicious. I've mentioned them here.
the Green Bean - I always have a great breakfast or brunch at the Green Bean. That's why it is in my top 5 of Northampton. Read the blog post with delicious pics here.
Hungry Ghost Bread - I was going to do 5 favorite places but I just needed to add Hungry Ghost Bread. It's the best bakery ever. Get anything.

Breakfast / Brunch

the Green Bean - Read above!
Sylvester’s - a favorite of many smithies
Jake’s - one of the best. Mentioned in this post
40 Green Street - also in the post above
Esselon - smoked salmon eggs benedict every time. Amaaazing!

Zen Joe's Filos


Thai Garden - read above!
Paul & Elizabeth's - Caesar salad with smoked salmon and polenta croutons - best thing EVER.
India House - I went twice. It's said to be the best Indian restaurant in Noho.
Zen - a favorite of my mother's. Good lunch specials! Delicious sushi rolls.
Teapot - if you want chinese food delivered to your dorm, teapot is the answer.
Pizza Amore - good pizza. Almost as good as Joe's. They deliver!
Viva Fresh Pasta - I always get the same thing because it is so good. I love this place.
Noodles - oh, this was such a good little place. I aaalways got take out. Lucky Salad - try it.
Sam’s - great for a little get-together with friends. Decent slices of pizza, good hangout place.
Spoleto’s - I went once with my friends. It was delicious (but based on one visit).
Joe’s - best pizza in Noho (though apparently Filos has great slices too)
Amanouz - really good moroccan food! great tagine.
Filos Greek Taverna - great greek salad! decent food overall.
Local Burger - if you need a burger, this is the place to go.
Mosaic Café - great place for mediterranean cuisine. La Pacifique crêpe was really good as are the baklava.

Paul & Elizabeth Lunch Maple 2

Cafe / Bakery

Tart Baking Co - this place deserved a whole post to itself!
Sip - I wrote about Sip in a separate post.
Haymarket - a favorite of mine. All the food has always been amazing.
The Foundry - read about it in this post
Woodstar Cafe - I wish I had gone more often. The coffee was good and the food always looked great!
Roost - wonderful place for coffee. To study or read or hang out. Read here

Noho Herrell's Herrell's 1 Herrell's 2

Dessert / Sweets

Herrell’s - see above
GoBerry - my first encounter with frozen yogurt. So good! Love this place.
Berkshire Frozen Yogurt - then this opened, and I reaaally loved the do-it-yourself aspect. Also delicious.
LimeRed Teahouse - I rarely get bubble tea but taro blizzards are my favorite! Oh, delicious treat.
Heavenly Chocolate - cute little place in Thornes to buy special chocolates.. Great if you want to indulge in something small and great as a gift!


Provisions - see above!
Cornucopia - great store for local and organic and healthy things. Very expensive, unfortunately.
State Street - love this place. They had the most insanely amazing wine and food tasting my last week in town. 

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