January 26, 2015


Naples: Food Diary 1 Naples da Michele

That's me and the second pizza I ate that weekend. I ate the whole thing. Even the crust which I usually never eat. No, folks, this is pizza in Napoli. This is pizza at da Michele. It is heaven

Naples: Food Diary 2 Naples: Food Diary 4 Naples: Food Diary 5

The truth is we didn't have time to try other places for pizza. I went through many lists online. People recommended Starita, Sorbillo, di Matteo, Lombardi, Trianon, port'Alba... but I was too afraid to try something new. We knew we loved da Michele, so why risk eating a less than perfect pizza on one of the few nights we were there? da Michele the first night, da Michele the last night. Better safe than sorry. 

Naples: Food Diary 5.2

Look at that menu. Just look at it! Only two pizzas offered - margherita and marinara. I've yet to try the marinara but I am sure that on a night when you don't want cheese (LOL), this will do just fine. Their sauce was amazing. And those prices. I love eating in Italy. Then again I live in Paris. I love eating anywhere else because everything is cheaper.

Naples: Food Diary 6 Naples: Food Diary Vecchia 1 Naples Food Diary: Vecchia

The other place we remembered to go back to was La Vecchia Cantina. If you scroll down in my Instagram feed (still easy now since I only have about 100 pictures) you'll find that the two first pictures are of pizza from da Michele and then the exact same thing I'm eating in the picture above. Grilled seafood. (Again, I went with what I knew and loved. I'm not that great with change, could you guess!?) 

Naples: Food Diary Vecchia 2 Naples: Food Diary Vecchia 3 Naples: Food Diary Vecchia 4 Naples: Food Diary 7 Naples fish Naples: Food Diary 8 Naples: Food Diary 9 Naples: Food Diary 10 Naples: Food Diary 11

Winter. The perfect weather for cold ice-cream. Especially Gay-Odin ice-cream.

Naples: Food Diary 11.5

Like eating crêpes as street food in Paris... Pizza in Naples! I'm still amazed.

Naples: Food Diary 12 Naples: Food Diary 13 Naples: Food Diary 14

This was my favorite discovery. Last time we went, I didn't do any research. This time I cared. This time I read all about 'sfoglietelle calde' and how they are this really delicious warm ricotta pastry. So I tried it and holy $%&@ it is good. Oh it is GOOD. I want to recreate it. I bet I could make a version of it just using puff pastry from the shop, ricotta, candied orange... that's all I got. I'll look it up.

If you go to Naples, make sure you know where you will eat every single meal. You don't go to Naples for the city, you go for the food. Trust me. 

Naples: Food Diary 15


Valentina R said...

Great post darling! everything so yummy!


ritzz said...

all this food looks so delicious x

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Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks so delicious!! That pizza...YUM!:) X

Priscila Betancort said...

Yummy!!! Super post!! ;) Lovely food!!
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

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Eatlovemerry said...

The pizza look so awesome! x

Olivia Aimes said...

awesome post!

Katie said...

So much good food! I love that you took photos of everything you ate there, I always do it :-)

mizzmoi said...

Haha those pizzas look so big!

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Everything looks so amazing. Especially that pizza. Now, that is art. xx


Louise said...

This is a wonderful post! Your blog is amazing and the photos are beautiful!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, always returning the support!

Nikoline schalck lunøe said...

I get so hungry when looking at all that delicious food!


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