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January 29, 2015


Parisian Style // 05 1

I've worn this outfit many, many times. Maybe with different scarves. But yeah, it would seem I have many "go to" items in my closet, including those boots, those jeans, that t-shirt, that coat, and that bag... all of 'em are my lazy I'm not going to put any thought into getting dressed today but also not look like a trashbag items.

Parisian Style // 05 2 Parisian Style // 05 3 Parisian Style // 05 4
bag c/o Lodinatt • coat: Miss Sixty • boots c/o Blowfish Shoes • jeans: Madewell • top: H&M

I collaborated with Blowfish Shoes a few years ago. Their shoes are fantastic. I was always happy to receive them in the mail and wear them every day because they are incredibly comfortable, which is most important on my list. I'm really loving some of their shoes this year. These, these and these would be welcome in my closet any day. 

I wore this lazy outfit to go to lunch with the fabulous Rozena. Such a hard worker, that one. She does freelance writing but also takes good pictures. (She took these. Thanks Rozena!) After lunch we parted ways – she went to find a cafe with wifi, and I walked around and around and around until my iphone was out of battery (I assume from listening to too much Juan Luis Guerra on YouTube) and I went to the Moose to charge it, do some writing, convince all my lovely people there to go dancing with me this weekend. I'd say I spend one hour a day dancing. This is necessary


Melissa Cuentas said...

What a nice outfit! You look so stunning! <3

You've got a new reader/follower here!

Melissa's Diary

Tania Franco said...

The coat is lovely with the boots, and yes dancing truly is necessary!


Cocktail Dress said...

Great outfit :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great, amazing winter outfit!

Mlle Coconath said...

Lovely outfit!

Zanna's Sky said...

I love this coat!!!

Amanda said...

Pretty lady! :)

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