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January 5, 2015



Sip was another place in Northampton I liked. 

One time, I went there to study and eat with Kyle, and because of my obsession with caesar salad, I had to get their salmon one. It was delicious and healthy and fresh. Sip is small but it never seems to get too packed and loud. If there's a place to sit, then people will stay. Many with laptops, many with friends. During parents' weekend, my mom was still able to find a church to go to on Sunday. After my morning run (not something I'm doing at the moment – tss tss – so don't think I'm super disciplined or anything), once I was washed and ready, I walked down to Sip to wait. I got black coffee and grabbed one of their magazines and waited for my mother in a half-full cafe at 9am on a Sunday. It was rather quiet and had that nice early morning cafe atmosphere. 


We also went there in the afternoon as a full group. Kady and I got macarons there more than once. While not exceptional like Pierre Hermé, these were still good and made me miss Paris just a little. Just a little because more than anything the days were getting shorter and shorter and I wanted to treasure my time in Northampton. I knew Paris was in the cards in just a few months anyway. 

I never got to go back for more food, so my opinion on that is entirely based on the one salad I had, and the salad Kyle also really enjoyed. Still, I really loved going to Sip and recommend it. Especially early in the morning when it's a bit cold outside and the streets are quiet, and you can just sit there, observing everything and thinking about life, because that's the best thing to do early in the morning in a cafe. 

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This is the last place that will get a full post to itself.

While I initially wanted to write individual posts for each place, it was hard to get as many pictures as I wanted, to find the time to write them, and in the end it didn't make that much sense because there are so many places, and Northampton isn't actually the capital of the world. I am also already in Colombia and I want to be done with all Northampton posts by the 6th so that I can then move onto Paris. The next post will be one last long list of places in Northampton with a quick thought about each one, and maybe a few pictures that never made it into any other post.

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