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January 11, 2015


Sunday Links Valentina Duracinsky watercolor
Heya... I'm writing this before getting on the flight to Paris. So.... yesterday for everyone reading this. It is definitely not the ideal time to be flying home, all the news makes me very sad and anxious, but part of me is excited. There's a lot of anxiety, really. Another unexciting aspect is the thought of unpacking the three gigantic suitcases when I get home. Mostly because I have no idea where everything will go. Mostly because I wish I owned less. My dad and I need to do some serious decluttering. Anyway, folks. Here are some interesting or fun links for you!

25 expressions you should have in your vocabulary

this sounds delicious for breakfast: cranberry & orange scones

energy quiz: how much do you know about the energy we use?

a tasty cocktail for a party? earl grey French 75

secret symphonic stage forgotten below piano shop... cool!

this series is coming back very soon... excited? I am!

I'll be bringing back the Cooking in Paris series in January too

23 things your kids learn by watching you

aw I miss the Fumbally. If you're in Dublin, don't forget to go there!

I never though "mint & pomegranate" but this salad looks refreshing

one of the best Christmas traditions in France... la galette des rois, bien sûr!

and if you need a way to stop snacking... here are 30

chocolate pot de crème with coconut milk instead? I'm in!

1 comment:

Charlie D said...

I hope you had a safe flight and welcome back in France !

Charlie xx

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