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January 3, 2015


Tart 1 Tart 1-2

Tart Baking Co – why didn't I ever go in before? I discovered this place my last semester at Smith so the only way I got to try all you see in the pictures was by doing a "Tart Baking Co tasting" with Kady. We bought three or four things and talked about then, shared them, kept the rest for later. Yes, I can tell you right away that I am a big fan of this bakery. Their pastries and breads are made there and they always have different things to offer. Everything looked so so good; it was always hard to choose. Coming from France, I wondered if the almond croissant would be worth it. After trying it, I wanted to go in the back and congratulate the baker and p√Ętissier because it was better than some I've had in France. 

Tart 3 Tart 2 Tart 5Tart 6 Tart 7 Tart 8 Tart 9 Tart 10

A few quick notes on the things we tried at Tart...

almond croissant - Great! The top was a bit thick but not too sweet. Fantastic job.
chocolate hazelnut tart - not mind-blown over the crust. Chocolate tarts aren't my favorite but this was good.
apple & rosemary focaccia - yum! good flavors. Very interesting and delicious with homemade feel.
sticky bun - More like a sticky croissant, really. Good, not the best (which would be Flour's)
jersey milk - apparently amazing. I've never seen that anywhere else...
cream puff w/ caramel - holy jesus was that delicious! 5 stars right there.
black coffee - normal, decent coffee. Definitely better than Haymarket's (sorry Haymarket...)

Tart 11 Tart 12 Tart 13 Tart 14 Tart 15

Whenever I go back to Smith College for a reunion (which I hope I will be able to do) Tart will be a must. There are so many places I love going to in Northampton but if you're around for a day or two, try to make it there for a treat in the morning or the afternoon. It'll be worth it.

Tart 16 Tart 18 Tart 17

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Francesca Giagnorio said...

This place looks really awesome *_* It make me hungry!

Francesca http://www.everydaycoffee.it/


Wow, they look so good! Just when I am trying to stick to my healthy eating plan! xx

Charlie D said...

Everything just looks so yummy !

Charlie xx

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