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January 22, 2015


Valentina Duracinsky :: Worn in Italy 1 Valentina Duracinsky :: Worn in Italy 2

I am in Paris. I am finally home. Do I know what I'll be doing with my time, with my life? Nope. No idea. Let's not focus on that – I might get another anxiety attack. My first weekend back was actually spent in a whole other country. My dad and I usually go to Italy once a year. I think we've gone every year for the past 10 years. We didn't know where to go this year and after talking about how much we missed da Michele pizza, we said... well... why not go to Naples just for the weekend, just to eat pizza? Naples isn't the most beautiful city in Italy but the food there is incredible. So we woke up crazy early on Thursday (4am), flew to Naples, and stayed until Sunday afternoon. I just realized how long I've had this blog... I found the posts from when we went to Rome & Naples in 2012. I quite dislike looking at pictures of myself back then. "Freshmen 15", I remember thinking proudly that it hadn't happened to me. Yes... yes it did, chubby old Val. Anyway, this was then: part one / part two

Valentina Duracinsky :: Worn in Italy 3 Valentina Duracinsky :: Worn in Italy 4
top & jeans: Madewell • sunglasses: H&M • coat: Miss Sixty

I have been trying to get rid of as many material possessions as I can and this results in me having less and less clothes which is great. Painfully slow process, though. I thought I had too many jeans (and I do) but I keep seeing photos of people's closets, especially fashion bloggers, and suddenly the number of jeans I have may be normal after all. I'm not going anywhere with that thought. It's a relief is all. 
These jeans were an investment, but they are my favorite. I never do any online shopping so I don't have much from Madewell, just these jeans, a couple tops and a beautiful leather handbag. That's only because I was able to go to their stores in Boston and Georgetown during my quick weekend visits last year. Their stores are fancy and beautiful and their stuff is mostly really great. At least quality-wise, I've always been impressed. 

Madewell items I like: top / jeans / pumps / flats / wellies / satchel / jeans / cashmere 

Have you ever shopped at Madewell? Are you a fan too? More pictures of Naples tomorrow! 

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