February 9, 2015


Cafe Pouchkine 1 Cafe Pouchkine 2 Cafe Pouchkine 3 Cafe Pouchkine 4

Café Pouchkine

macarons – one vanilla & one vanilla/medevick cream. Since Pierre Hermé doesn't always have their absolutely amazing vanilla macaron, I've been on the lookout for the second best vanilla macaron in the world so I can survive during those difficult no-PH times. I had heard of Café Pouchkine but never actually seen it... which is weird because I've been going to Place des Vosges and it. is. right. there. It's in front of Amorino – maybe it went unnoticed because I was always looking at the long line, thinking "man... people love ice cream". As you may see above, Café Pouchkine has a ton of interesting looking pastries, and I most definitely will try one soon, but all I can talk about at the moment are the macarons. And I am here to say that I approve. These are good. Really delicious. Was the vanilla one Pierre Hermé territory? No, but it was still immensely enjoyed by yours truly here.

SAoki 1 SAoki 2 SAoki 3

Sadaharu Aoki

almond matcha croissant – again, yes. It's a good sign when you go back for more. The first time I got the almond matcha croissant was with Kady one morning... We shared one. It was a lesson in sharing because I really didn't want to. The croissant was delicious. Damn, my mouth is watering even though I'm in more of a pizza mood. I loved that the inside had a delicious, almost boozy taste. I ate the whole thing (though I didn't feel super good about it) and know that I'll be back again for more!

PH 1 PH 2

Pierre Hermé

coconut, lime, ginger & coriander macaron – Pierre Hermé is always changing the macarons they have. This past summer (and maybe now? I really have no idea how they decide these things) I tried this macaron twice. It was that good. Always interesting, always worth it. PH, I love you.

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