February 23, 2015


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Sadaharu Aoki

choux au matcha – I got this when I was going through my huge pastry phase. When I was eating three to five pastries a week. Valentina, the damn idiot on a sugar high for an entire summer. I went to Sadaharu Aoki to get my matcha almond croissant (the one I love oh so very much) and decided to get this as well. I wasn't in the mood to eat it the same day, so I put it in the fridge. I thing I ate half the next day and the other half the day after. This was my own mistake. You want to eat éclairs and choux as fresh as possible. However I did like the choux. It had a good matcha flavor and the pastry cream was nice and... creamy. I have made matcha éclairs though, and I think this was just as good as mine. It's gigantic, if you can tell by the picture. 

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éclair au chocolat – now for the iphone pictures (sorry)... I took a friend and her family to Ladurée to try the macarons and they also wanted an éclair. It's Ladurée, so I'd never actually tried anything other than macarons. The chocolate éclair was fine but nothing out of this world. It was a simple, good éclair. I wouldn't recommend it over the other places that make only éclairs. If you go to Ladurée and have the choice between a macaron and an éclair, stick to the macaron. 

macarons – this is what people stand in line for. For the first few (many) years in France, I only knew of Ladurée macarons. If you invited people over and wanted to give them a little something fancy for dessert, you bought a box of Ladurée macarons. I see why they're famous. These macarons are definitely delicious. While the vanilla doesn't stack up to the Pierre Hermé vanilla or some other ones I've tried, the flavors are classic, elegant and delicate. The boxes are so beautiful and you can't not feel fancy when buying some. There's always a Pierre Hermé-Ladurée "which is best?" fight going on. For good macarons, classic flavors, and something everyone knows, Ladurée. For the best of the best, Pierre Hermé. 

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