WORN IN PARIS // 06 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN IN PARIS // 06

February 12, 2015


Parisian Style 1 Valentina D Parisian Style 2 Valentina D

On a sunny day. On a cold day. Because all the days are cold – it is winter, Valentina. Why do you let the sun trick you into thinking you'll survive without a hat and gloves? You will freeze. But it's okay. Because once summer comes you'll be complaining about the unbearable heat. Remind yourself to enjoy the weather, even if it's hard. Cold weather has benefits. You, too obsessed with burning calories, should be happy because the cold does just that. While you walk around Paris or go on one of those ephemeral runs, your body is working hard. Appreciate that. And isn't it great when after days of rain or awful grey skies, the sun unexpectedly comes out and it just brings a smile to your face? 

Parisian Style 3 Valentina D Parisian Style 4 Valentina D

Maybe this was not the right coat for the winter but after days of anxiety and ups and downs, green – damn bright green! was needed to remind yourself to stay cheerful and colorful despite life not being that great. Life isn't always great. But Eleanor Roosevelt is teaching you to be a leader. Find yourself first, know yourself yada yada yada. Only leaders wear green velvet shoes, after all. 

Parisian Style 5 Valentina D
coat c/o Tulle • bag c/o Lodinatt • earrings & bracelet c/o Smadar Edri • dress: thrifted • shoes: André 


Iwona said...

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Debow said...

I really love this outfit , I think your coat is gorgeous !!

Anonymous said...

Greatest shoes ever x

Amilis Ramirez said...

Hola!!! Me encanta la mezcla de colores!!!! Quedan perfecto!!!
Saludos desde Rep. Dom

Vanessa Pratts said...

The shoes, the bag, everything! Awesome!


libys11 said...

those shoes have the most amazing / lushest color!! :D

have a great week!
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Michèle Kruesi said...

absolutely love the bold color of the coat and the contrasting dress below


Katie said...

Those shoes <3 The dress and the green rings are also amazing! i think I love green too much :-)

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