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February 8, 2015


Valentina Duracinsky Office
That is my office. I wake up every morning around 9, don't bother to shower because I'm an expert at putting things off, make myself coffee, a quick breakfast, and sit down to blog and write and do whatever other jobs need to be done. It's an okay office. The coffee is Colombian and free so it's the cheapest place to work. (hashtag workingfromhome)

there is hope in this world

lemon olive oil cake. GASP

I love podcasts so so much (you have no idea). Criminal is a new-to-me podcast I'm really enjoying!

I'm dying for all of Ottolenghi's cookbooks....

love this print

citrus cake. Yes another one

hmmm... why don't I like spotify? Easy

molly yeh, you are truly amazing. THIS CAKE

bulls are color-blind?? I feel so stupid. I lived in Pamplona, and everything

maybe I'll need this one day. One day... one... day... [insert pathetic crying Val]

Bjork is always right

fig-pecan macaroons sounds great! I'm going to make these...

this chicken, this chicken, this chicken... all chicken please

well hello there burger, I'd like to eat you

and then this salad. which looks amazing and healthy

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