March 16, 2015


Peche 1 Peche 2 Peche 3 Peche groseille grande epicerie

La Grande Epicerie

macaron pêche groseille – After I discovered their amazing big vanilla macaron, I was excited to try everything else. After a day of walking with my dad, we went into La Grande Epicerie and chose three small macarons to taste. The peach-currant one sounded interesting though I am never that into fruity pastries unless they are actually fruit tarts. However this was really really good. Fresh taste, slightly sour, good texture. I was happy!

Eclair caramel genie

L'éclair de génie

éclair caramel au beurre salé – Last time I went to L'éclair de génie, I tried the absolutely amazing vanilla pecan éclair. I think I ate the whole thing in one sitting. It was so good and I couldn't wait to go back and try more. I took a family out on a mini pastry tour and they decided to try the salted caramel éclair. I may have nudged them in that direction because I was certain it would be the best choice. And it was. They gave me a bite, and my oh my was that rich and full of caramel flavor! Second time around, and I still highly recommend you visit this charming place when you're over here.

Pierre 1 vanille olive Pierre Hermé Pierre Hermé Carrot Pierre Hermé macaron coriandre

Pierre Hermé

ginger, coriander, coconut & lime – This one is so complex. When my dad (who doesn't have a sweet tooth) tried this, I saw his face light up. Yup, it was gooood. Pierre Hermé never disappoints. This macaron – which you can see in the last picture – had an amazing texture too. 

vanilla & olive oil – this is a Pierre Hermé classic. They always bring it back. It is subtle, creamy with little pieces of olive in it (yes, you heard me). Not extraordinarily sweet, it's quite exquisite. 

carrot & orange w/ cinnamon – My least favorite out of the three, but still really delicious. While you might not think "carrot" as a macaron flavor, we still have carrot cake, so it's not the weirdest Pierre Hermé combination I've ever seen. Almost classic, even. We were very happy. 

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Karin Howell said...

I want to try those so bad! I hear they're delicious!


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