April 16, 2015


Fig Jam 1 Valentina Duracinsky Fig Jam 2 Valentina Duracinsky

150 calories snack: Fig jam + goat's cheese on rice cakes

Here I am, writing a "healthy snacks" post when I myself am not actually eating healthy.

two rice cakes: 50 cal
1 tbsp fig jam: 50 cal
15g goat's cheese: 45 cal
1/2 tsp bee pollen: 5 cal

Tortilla chips (fried... so good for the skin!), margaritas every day, many delicious spoonfuls of guacamole, tacos left and right, poutines with hot gravy and melted gooey cheese, way too many Lindt chocolate squares, macarons, hummus – healthy indeed but in large quantities not so much, on and on and on. And no exercise. Because "waitressing" doesn't really count, even though a lot of walking is involved. 
But my pants aren't fitting and my face is puffy, red and suddenly oily so maybe I should focus more on veggies and fruit and less on fat and sugar. Maybe I should eat when I'm hungry and not "because it's there" or "because it's free". 

This is a really simple snack. Some things are dangerous to have around the house (Lindt crème brulée chocolate squares, oh my GOD) and goat's cheese is one of them. Well, sometimes... it depends on my mood, anxiety, and other things. Also who says goat cheese and who says goat's cheese? because I say the first but I always feel like I should write it goat's cheese. I hate the sound of it though. Maybe I'll be myself from now on. Goat cheese. There!

I used to eat a lot of goat cheese with honey on bread. And one of my favorite recipes is a warm goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It pairs well with sweet things, which makes this delicious as well. I'm sure any jam would work, but my obsession with fig has grown wild this past year (proof). If you try it, enjoy!


Samieze Samira said...

What a nice and simple recipe! Sounds delicious <3

I am running a giveaway for the first anniversary of my blog where you can win an ASOS giftcard worth 100€ - maybe you or your readers are interested :)

Anonymous said...

Please,Do not mind calories!The chase over thinness is a dangerous chase. Nurish your body with the right food, not with a specific number of calories. You are very thin already.

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