April 23, 2015


Minimalist make up
It's been a while since I wrote about minimalism... Ok, I talk and write and think about it all the time but it's been a while since I dedicated a whole post to it. This time I'll tackle a subject I've probably never even mentioned before. Makeup. Let's call this:

Minimalist make-up essentials

I don't reeeeeally care about makeup. I don't read beauty blogs. I don't believe that a mascara should cost $30 nor do I see a spectacular difference between a $4 mascara and a $30 one. I once had a makeup Pinterest board, but I'm not even sure it's still there. Once you realize you are never going to try out any of the looks you pinned, you stoooop pinning. Lastly, I think spending more than 15 minutes on the routine, daily makeup is a waste of time. Who wants to get up extra early just to paint on a new face?

I do have a signature look though. (Wow, that makes me sound so much cooler, I love it!) I do a variation of the Twiggy look. Maybe it sounds crazy, and the first few times I went out like that, I definitely felt a bit like a clown (a pretty clown?) but now it's what I do most days. 

I've counted the products I have... 

1. Moisturizer with a bit of color

I believe these are called BB creams? or CC creams? Some ridiculous name I don't understand. I use moisturizers I find in French pharmacies. My skin is very sensitive, mostly quite dry with the powers of also getting inexplicably oily, prone to redness and occasional breakouts... FUN! So I don't use foundation because it would just make things worse.

2. Concealer

I use this Ducray concealer. There's nothing worse than a concealer that makes you break out more. This one does a decent job and doesn't make things worse. 

3. Black Mascara

If I really don't have time to put on makeup, I'll usually skip every next step in this list and just do mascara. I use the basic pink Maybelline one.

4. Bronzer or Blush

I read you're supposed to throw away makeup every so often because it goes bad... I've had the same blush for the past three years. I'm still alive... so far so good... let's see what happens. I recently bought the Avène couvrance bronzer. I don't follow the whole "contouring" thing but I like to do my cheeks. Looks good. As I write this post, I realize how little I know about makeup talk.

5. Black liquid Eyeliner or eyeshadow

I most often use a simple liquid eyeliner for the Twiggy look. I don't have a favorite brand yet. I have two or three Clinique eyeshadows that I use if I want something a little different. I used to own a bunch of pencil eyeliners in various colors but they got tossed. 

6. Lipstick

I own three that I rotate. I just tossed the other two out because I never used them (one more step towards minimalist makeup land!)

So I don't use that much makeup. I already know exactly what I will keep and what I will buy again. Just like my wardrobe, I use few colors. It was great to sit down and go through all my makeup products, deciding what stays and what goes. I own so much less that it all fits neatly in a box. It takes two seconds to find what I am looking for. I encourage you to do the same! Think about what you really use, what makes you feel good, what you actually like wearing. Are you keeping something because it was expensive, or a gift, but you never actually use it? Keep only what you need and use.

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