WORN IN PARIS // 08 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN IN PARIS // 08

April 3, 2015


VCD 1 VCD 2 Valentina Paris Winter Fashion
coat: Benetton • skirt: thrifted • earrings c/o Chandler the Robot • shoes: André • hat: H&M

Paris weather is nice. Yes, it can get very cold and yes it can get way too hot, but it's not the same freezing weather I experienced in Northampton, or the unbearable heat of the desert. These pictures were taken last month. I had my coat on (like a normal person in Paris winter) but I felt good. I hate when it's so cold, your body gets all numb... nope, this was just the perfect winter "oh hey I think spring is coming" day. It was a very nice day. I was taking Julia's Canadian friends around the Marais on an impromptu pastry tour. We went to five places, I think. I discovered Popelini – now I know where to go get my choux! This reminds me that I should stock up on Pierre Hermé vanilla macarons... they will stop selling them soon, and that is mighty sad. I shall do a wacky thing and freeze one to see how it does after a while in the freezer. 

I don't post too many outfit pictures these days. One, because I'm not that into fashion at the moment. Two, because I've put on weight (noticeably so). Three, because I keep wearing the same things! Again with the minimalism... But what can I say? I'm still trying to get rid of more clothes. If I hardly wear them, what's the point in having them? If I don't feel good in them, what's the point? 

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