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April 12, 2015



That is me with a dog... What a cute dog. As a child, I was obsessed. I would always want to be the dog in any dress up party or Halloween or whatever games we played where I could choose to be a dog. I don't remember much from those days. I have shockingly little childhood memories so I love going through old pictures! Here are some links for your last day of the week. Hopefully the weather is good and we can all go out and enjoy the sun. cheers!

Interesting & Thought Provoking 

beginner's guide to food photography

I need to do this asap: clean out your spice cabinet

books that blow minds? I might read a couple and see for myself!

I love lists. 100 greatest novels... Haven't read them all but a few a worthy to be on it! (ahem, Hemingway) (though I disagree with Madame Flaubert. That book haunts me. I almost died of boredom in highschool) (also yes to Jane Austen) (ok, no more parentheses) (against all punctuation rules)

damn, I need to complain less... read, read, read

things we forget to bring when we travel... yep!

Delicious & Beautiful

These guys make me want to travel non stop. Stunning

I wish I could go to one of Mimi's workshops. Fun!

my lady friend is beautiful. Oh Audrey!

Simple health tip that I sometimes try to remember to follow

Funny & Cute

Have you seen this video? Scared is scared. It's so so cute and I love it.

so you live in a dumpster, is life that bad?

stupid but so funny...

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