April 6, 2015


Dublin 1

I love going to Ireland. That's never been a secret. I love the people I've met there, I love meeting new friendly people, I love Guinness and I fucking love the cheap pecan maple pastries you get at Tesco or any little grocery shop. This time around I went for a week in March with one of my closest friends, Louise. We stayed at my friend Dara's who is seriously one of the best persons I know. 

Dublin 3 Dublin 4 Dublin 5

A mix of iphone pictures and a couple pictures taken on Dara's amazing Canon, I really didn't have to go through and delete that many because... well, I really did not take that many. It happens every time I go to Dublin. I forget to take pictures. Mostly disappointed I don't have any of Stevie, who I spent half my time with and is one of my favorite persons on the planet. How shall I remember what he looks like?
The photo above is me not believing how delicious the chocolate cake at the Fumbally is. Dara told me when I got there that I was not allowed to spend 12 hours a day at the Fumbally. He knows me, and knows this is actually something I could do... I love that place so very much. I had two amazing lunches there and ate that cake three times. YEP.

Dublin 2 Dublin 6 Dublin 7 Dublin 8

Dara has a cute little kitten. We became friends after I chased it for a few hours. I was left with some scratches, and in the end the chase was useless because the next day the kitten was scared of me again. Oh well. 
Louise and I were pretty lucky. The weather was mostly amazing. On the Sunday Louise went to Glendalough, I was with Steve at the Dublin co-op where we hung out in the sun, listening to people play music and talking to friendly faces. We walked around and the weather was just so nice. In the evening we went home and made venison and boar burgers with a side of braised mushrooms and a salad with raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette. I have good memories of that day. It was a good day. 

Dublin 9

I played the open mic at Whelan's on Monday and then a few songs at the Ruby Sessions on my last night. Loads of fun. I have a few more pictures to share, so look out for part II soon!

Dublin 10

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