May 31, 2015


Morocco Valentina Duracinsky

This is such a great article in the New Yorker haha! Dr. Me

healthy popsicles to make this summer

Ok, this is another amazing article in the New Yorker. A Day in the Life of Pinterest

oh, this makes me want to be at the beach

a ballet dancer shares backstage pictures (NY Times)

two of my favorite things delicious pistachio fig smoothie

I really want to go hiking right now

snacks to make that are under 150 calories

five habits of creative people

what one serving of fruit really looks like

this cookbook is on my wishlist

Melbourne Mornings: Kirra Jamison

I want her stomach!

this mozza salad looks so good

I would love to try a lavender earl grey smoothie!

May 28, 2015


Valentina Instagram 1 Valentina Instagram 2 Valentina Instagram 3 Valentina Instagram 6

Heya everybody. Here's a little bit of what's been up on instagram lately. If you don't follow me, please feel free to! I like to keep my instagram fresh, aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Valentina Instagram 7 Valentina Instagram 8 Valentina Instagram 9 Valentina Instagram 5 Valentina Instagram 10 Valentina Instagram 11

It's funny to talk to friends and see who they follow. Some people follow 400 people, but I can't do that. I like to follow few people (90-100) and really see every new picture that's posted. We all have different 'rules' for the people we follow too! I don't like pictures of food too often (thus I only follow two food accounts, ahem, georgeats is amazing) nor do I like too many motivational posts, quotes, etc (so I only follow kayla_itsines in fitness). If someone posts too often, there's a good chance I'll unfollow. Carefully curated instagram accounts are the best. Haha! those are some of the unspoken rules I tend to follow. What about you? What accounts do you love? Have any rules you follow too?

May 13, 2015


Granola 1

Granola is one of my favorite things to eat. My only problem is not knowing when to stop. 

Granola 2Granola 3

A few months ago, I started to make my own granola. The first batch was probably the best one! I looked for soooo many granola recipes on all kinds of food blogs. The best thing I saw was on Buzzfeed: How to make the best granola ever. I love this article because it explains all the different ways you can make granola, and how to tweak the recipe without adding too much or too little of the essential components (grain, nuts, sweetener, oil, salt). Less essential but so delicious? coconut, seeds, dried fruit, spices, chocolate, egg white. I think spices should be essential though. A little bit of cinnamon goes a long way. Once you know the basics, you can go wild and do whatever you want!

Granola 4 Granola 5

I mostly used... everything. I even tried little variations. I made a small batch adding some matcha green tea, and a small batch adding coffee extract. The matcha one wasn't sweet enough but the coffee one was good. Trial and error. That's how you learn. 
Above anything else, I needed to know how to make clumps. I searched online for all the secrets. Apparently adding egg white is supposed to help. And baking the granola at a lower heat, not stirring at all and taking it out a little bit earlier than the recipe says. I tried all these things. One time I put too much oil and sweetener and didn't stir at all, and it came out really strange and cakey. Not that great. 

Granola 6 Granola 7
I love making granola! My dad keeps asking me when I'm going to make more. Soon soon. It was super easy and delicious. It's definitely something you should try to make at home instead of buying at the store. Let me know if you try it! Have you got any interesting combinations? I want to try matcha again, maybe add some white chocolate in there... I also want to try vanilla & pecan... and many, many other variations. 

May 8, 2015



"Here is life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me" Henry David Thoreau

IMG_3543 IMG_3560

This outfit was from a couple weeks ago. Paris – the weather is unpredictable. We had one week of sun, sun, sun, and then this week it's been rainy and cloudy. These pictures were taken one lovely afternoon in my friend Louise's garden. I even brought a bikini over. I just laid in the grass enjoying the sun doing absolutely nothing. The best luxury. 

IMG_3573 IMG_3545
all jewelry c/o Smadar Edri • top, sunglasses & pants: H&M • shoes: Monoprix

The blogging has slowed down... So has the music, so has the reading, so has the traveling. Wait, what the hell am I doing? I wake up and get ready for the day rather slowly. I eat and waste some time and before I know it it's time to go to work in the evening. I take comfort in finishing the stupidest little things on my to-do list, when really writing a song would make me feel like I actually accomplished something. 

I also want to do something else. I want to just get off at random metro stations in Paris and start walking. I want to take pictures and notice street names, and shops, and everything from ordinary to beautiful. The other day I discovered Belleville. One street, really. But it was so cool! Once I start, I'll be sure to share some of the pictures I take here on the blog. 

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