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May 8, 2015



"Here is life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me" Henry David Thoreau

IMG_3543 IMG_3560

This outfit was from a couple weeks ago. Paris – the weather is unpredictable. We had one week of sun, sun, sun, and then this week it's been rainy and cloudy. These pictures were taken one lovely afternoon in my friend Louise's garden. I even brought a bikini over. I just laid in the grass enjoying the sun doing absolutely nothing. The best luxury. 

IMG_3573 IMG_3545
all jewelry c/o Smadar Edri • top, sunglasses & pants: H&M • shoes: Monoprix

The blogging has slowed down... So has the music, so has the reading, so has the traveling. Wait, what the hell am I doing? I wake up and get ready for the day rather slowly. I eat and waste some time and before I know it it's time to go to work in the evening. I take comfort in finishing the stupidest little things on my to-do list, when really writing a song would make me feel like I actually accomplished something. 

I also want to do something else. I want to just get off at random metro stations in Paris and start walking. I want to take pictures and notice street names, and shops, and everything from ordinary to beautiful. The other day I discovered Belleville. One street, really. But it was so cool! Once I start, I'll be sure to share some of the pictures I take here on the blog. 

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