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June 6, 2015


Benedict 1

When I think of Sunday brunch, I think of eggs benedict. I love cooking but this is one of those dishes that simply tastes better when someone else is doing the work. And lazy Sunday is the best day to go out and pay someone to feed you.

The restaurant is in the heart of the Marais, dangerously placed in front of Pierre Hermé. Who says no to a macaron? Sad people, maybe. I didn’t need another reason to go into the Marais but if these great restaurants keep popping up, I might have a hard time finding a reason to get out. Benedict is spacious and full of natural light which is amazing for a restaurant in Paris. The decoration is minimal and modern, with a focus on the food and little to distract you from your company.

Benedict 2 Benedict 3 Benedict 4

The word that comes to mind when I think of Benedict is “classic”. Not deconstructed, or green, or artisanal, or vegan, but good old classic. Hipsters might try to claim bacon as theirs, but here it is in its natural place: the eggs benedict. My friend and I shared the beef teriyaki carpaccio as the appetizer and then ordered two eggs benedict; the traditional for her and the cheddar for me. The carpaccio was incredible. I had one of those “I really don’t want to be sharing this” moments, yet was still polite enough to say, “no, you have the last bite!” When the main dishes arrived, the server made a mistake and served us two traditional eggs benedict. He apologized and quickly brought out the right dish. He even offered us a side of fries on the house. (Have you ever not forgiven someone who brings you extra fries?) The eggs benedict were rich and creamy, and with some extra salt and pepper, they were really good. While mine could have had a bit more of the tang from the cheddar, I still enjoyed it too much to care. Even the side salad was perfect.

We left in a food comma, but that is always easily remedied by walking down the winding streets of the Marais. We were lucky to eat there at a time when the restaurant was empty, but I would arrive early on a Sunday, it is bound to fill up quickly.

Benedict 5
– 19, rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 4e Arr.

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Amanda said...

Yummmmmm this looks so good! Egg's Benedict is my favorite food on the planet. I bet this was delicious.

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