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July 10, 2015


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Frenchie to Go

Frenchie to Go is a lovely little place for breakfast or lunch if you miss good American food. I went with my dad ages ago. I was missing pulled pork so it was one of those days where I didn't even have to look at the menu. Pulled pork, please. My dad went for the pastrami and a pickle on the side. I'm definitely not a any-kind-of-pickle kind of person. I like cornichons. Oh mon dieu, so French. 

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There are a few other things on the menu I am dying to go back for... The lobster roll (so much lobster roll love in me), and the sticky bun (another wacky obsession). Obviously this is Paris, so the prices are slightly high. 22 euros for the lobster roll... 4,50 euros for the sticky bun... over 10 euros for each sandwich. Yikes. I wish I were a millionaire so I could keep trying new restaurants every day, and go back again and again to all the ones I love. 

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