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July 21, 2015


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There's been silence on the blog.

Because people like lists, I started thinking of blog posts that would basically be lists. "Best places to eat in Paris", "Best parks in Paris", "Health tips", "Best moves to get rid of that damn muffin top", "Where to go in Dublin". Or recipes, and reviews of restaurants. Because people also like food. 
And then the drafts stayed there forever. and ever. and ever. And today, I finally realized why something bothered me every time I posted these, or why I couldn't finish them. An American blogger came to Paris for a few days. I was going through her pictures, and then I read "Don't worry, I'll write about where to stay and what to eat/see in the next post". And as much as I like her, I got a little mad. I thought Why do you think you can give advice about a city you spent two days in? BAM. Wow, wait a minute. This has been going on forever. 
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I suddenly realized that all bloggers do this. They will travel somewhere for the first time and come back with all this knowledge about the place. There are so many things that we, as bloggers, are writing about that we are just not qualified or knowledgeable enough to write about. Sure, travel is not the worst of things, but what about health? 

Self-realization: I don't want to give advice. I don't want to make lists. I just want to share my own personal experiences. Sure, I can give advice about Paris. This is my city. I love when people come over and I can take them everywhere. I've even thought of starting a pastry tour of Paris. But there are many things I wanted to talk about that I will now put behind me. This is a place where I share my life in pictures and words, and I want to be completely honest and true. Where to get the best coffee in Paris? I don't have ONE favorite place, but I can probably point you in the direction of a good cafe depending on which arrondissement you are in. What shouldn't you miss while you're here? It depends on you, who you are with, and how long you're here for! Best macaron? Oh well, THAT I do know ;)
Paris by day 8 Paris by day 9 Paris by day 10 Paris by day 11

So expect more of this – pictures from my every day life in Paris. Mostly taken on an iphone (I hope to soon upgrade!!). Other than a few days of 100 degree weather, it's been a pretty good summer in Paris. 

Pictures – 1. Saint Paul • 2. ethiopian coffee (and lunch) with Ari • 3. my lunch/dinner at work! I get there early and eat it at 5:30, like an old person • 4. Pierre Hermé ice-cream with my dear friend Dara • 5. store in Belleville • 6. somewhere in Belleville too • 7. Louise getting her first tattoo • 8. getting a HUGE bouquet for my bday from my mom! • 9. another salad at work. I'm obsessed with salad, what can I say • 10. beautiful Ari discovering taro bubble tea! you're welcome • 11. Park Belleville, so beautiful

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Cara Siskova said...

Hey Valentina! I like your honesty, and as a matter of fact, I feel the very same about writing articles which put me in a place of "expert". It can be annoying when bloggers do this, I know.
Nice to see Paris through your eyes, I hope to visit one day!
Live from Ghana!

Cara @

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