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July 2, 2015


Outfit Valentina 1 Outfit Valentina 3 Outfit Valentina 4 IMG_3631 5
sweater: UO • skirt: H&M

Another day, another outfit. Though most days it's the same outfit. I wear the same items so often (especially to work) that I started to fear people would think I wasn't washing my clothes and that I don't actually have a closet full of clothes, four drawers full of clothes, a suitcase and three boxes full of winter clothes... It doesn't really matter what people think, does it. 

I found a light black romper for the summer, as well as some heels I like to call my "St. Vincent heels", and a gorgeous 70% off bathing suit. Yesterday was the hottest day in Paris in a long time. I went to the gym (air conditioning, I love you so) and then stayed in all day. I met up with my friend Louise in the evening. We drank wine at 10pm and it was so hot I just wanted to take off the light black romper and go home and take an ice cold shower or sit in a tub of ice. I don't like heat waves. I really don't. 

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