August 25, 2015


Pennadomo 2 Pennadomo 1 Pennadomo 3

On a cloudy afternoon, we made our way to the little town of Pennadomo. I brought my camera, and Gianluca wanted nothing more than to be the photographer for the afternoon. I kept telling him we were going to take turns sharing the camera, which made him whine. I told him he couldn't have the camera if we was going to whine, which made him whine more. He will learn ;) In the next post, I'll show you the photos Gianluca took. He's a natural!

Pennadomo 4 Pennadomo 5 Pennadomo 6 Pennadomo 7 Pennadomo 8

Look at that little face! Gianluca is super hard to photograph. He is constantly on the run (and always wanting to be the one taking the pictures). He is incredibly curious and makes comments about every detail he finds interesting, posing questions I often can't answer. There are so many things that are hard to explain to a three-year-old! In Pennadomo, he was super happy to photograph the dog in the window, as you can see in the next-to-last picture. I wish I had more pictures of the landscapes surrounding Pennadomo. Breathtaking. 

Pennadomo 9 Pennadomo 10

San Pio, I saw that statue and had to take a picture for my mom!

Pennadomo 11 Pennadomo 12

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