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August 8, 2015


Holybelly 1

I'm a little ashamed at how incredibly old these pictures of my trips to Holybelly are... As you can see, I was wearing coat in the picture. That should give you a rough idea. (or the date on the menu below). ahem. Yeah, so let's not wait aaaany longer and get started. Holybelly. A lot has been said already – no joke, this place is popular. (read this, or this, or this) but I can tell you what I thought. 

Before I knew anything about all the good coffee places in Paris, my friend Ger told me about Holybelly. Ger is in Ireland, but he said it was owned by his friend Nico, and bound to be good. Ger was right, and the internet people agreed. I went a few times just for coffee, but I always wanted to try the food because it looked really good. 

Holybelly 1.5 Holybelly 2 Holybelly 3 Holybelly 4

My instincts were right. Eating there was a great decision. I went with my friend Julia both times. First for lunch, where I had eggs with goat cheese and mushrooms, and she had risotto. Then a few weeks later for brunch, where we shared the oatmeal and the pancakes with eggs and bacon. Everything was so good! 

The portions are pretty hefty which might explain the high prices... As much as I enjoyed Holybelly, eating there is definitely a seasonal treat. The lunch menu changes every month, and the prices range from 13 to 17 euros. If I could afford it, I would go back to try every item on the menu! And every month, I'd have to start again. 

Holybelly 5 Holybelly 6 Holybelly 7 Holybelly 8 Holybelly 9 Holybelly 10

If you're looking for an exciting, hipster-ish (yes, it is, I have to say it!) place to have breakfast, brunch, or lunch in Paris – one that won't be typically "french", just typically delicious – I definitely recommend Holybelly. If you're looking for a place to have coffee and a little something sweet, I wholeheartedly recommend Holybelly. Maybe the lunch menu prices are high, but the prices for coffee are pretty much the standard for all the good places around here. I don't go out to much these days, but the next time I go, I am excited to have the "Agent Cooper Special"! ;) 

Holybelly 11

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