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August 14, 2015


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My birthday was July 14. One month ago, exactly. I wore a comfortable white dress and stood in front of a blue door and made a silly face. Well, I did much more than that. It started with a midnight Skype date over birthday drinks that ended at 5am. I slept in and met my friends for lunch at Buvette Gastrothèque where I had a fancy waffle with bacon, egg and cheese. Oh, and coffee. Then we walked for a few hours and had Berthillon ice-cream in the afternoon. Yes, ice-cream was my birthday dessert of choice. Not birthday cake. I wanted three scoops of some of the best ice-cream I've ever had! After that I took a much needed nap, and met up with more friends in the evening for some drinks and music and fun! It was a good birthday. 

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A few exciting plans that are in my head. One: getting an electric guitar. I admit I thought it would be easier to find one than it actually is. I still need to look around a little longer, find the one that suits me best. I get so many different (even contradicting) pieces of advice from so many people, but the one that everyone agrees on is to try them out and go with how I feel. I felt "it" with my acoustic Martin, so hopefully I will find "the one" soon. 

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I can't believe it's already the middle of August. The lady above, my friend Ari, left in June and is coming back sometime in September I believe. When she left, it felt like I wouldn't see her in soooo long but now I realize that time flew by. She's moving to London, so I absolutely hope that I'll get to visit her there at some point... maybe even do some gigs? Who knows.

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Pictures — 1. silly birthday face • 2. at the top of La Fayette in the 9th (or is it Printemps? One of those shopping places...) • 3. another photo of Dara and his melting ice-cream from Pierre Hermé on a hot day • 4. Pont Neuf sunset • 5. looking at guitars in this lovely shop • 6. walking down new-to-me streets in Paris is always exciting • 7. Ari and her coffee in the 13th • 8. musicians in Chatelet blowing my mind • 9 & 10. a rather new place for me... Jardin des Plantes. So beautiful and definitely worth a visit

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