5 DAYS IN DUBLIN [Part I] | Valentina Duracinsky: 5 DAYS IN DUBLIN [Part I]

September 3, 2015


Dublin 1 Dublin 2 Dublin 3 Dublin 4 Dublin 4.5

I want to be in Dublin right now. Even my Instagram thinks I'm still in Dublin. I would do anything. I only spent 5 days there in August but it felt like I had been there forever. I was so comfortable, and happy, and complete. The last time had been in March, and it had definitely been too long a wait in between. Dublin was sunny and beautiful those few days I was over... I spent most of my time with Stevie. We went to his friends' house for drinks, spent one night on his friends' barge, going down the canal in the early morning, went to the Fumbally for coffee and lunch, hang out at home. I saw Dara a few times for drinks too which was great. On my last night, we prepared a dinner at his house. I took over his kitchen and acted like the hostess. I made goat's cheese salad and served fresh irish buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes, a plate of Tesco hummus with carrots and red peppers... It was a fun last night, Steve was there, as well as Conor, Gavin, Louise, and Dara's sister. In the back on my head, though, I was counting down the hours and getting more and more sad about leaving.

Dublin 5 Dublin 6 Dublin 7 Dublin 8
Dublin 9

I love looking at all these pictures. A mix of Louise's pictures and my own, I honestly wonder how all of it was done in 5 days. It felt like forever, and then it was over. The pictures in order: Stevie licorice-head (I love love love the black licorice candy that comes wrapped with colored candy stuff, BUT not when it's just the licorice. Weird); Mick's gorgeous house and every perfect detail; the one pecan maple pastry I always get there; the captain of the boat working hard; the captain of the boat taking pictures in weird positions; the Fumbally details; checking out wacky vintage stores; Louise's lunch at the Fumbally; drinking coffee on the barge in the early morning; the inside of the barge; swan, swan, swan, swim, swim, swim; trying on something I didn't end up getting; Stevie waiting to get on the barge; beautiful sunny Dublin. 

Dublin 10 Dublin 11 Dublin 13 Dublin 12

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