5 DAYS IN DUBLIN [Part II] | Valentina Duracinsky: 5 DAYS IN DUBLIN [Part II]

September 9, 2015


Dublin 15 Dublin 14 Dublin 17

Part 2 of my trip to Dublin in August. More pictures of Stevie on a boat, colorful doors and clear skies. I was lucky the weather was so good while I was over because I had somehow completely forgotten to take a jacket... and a sweater. Yeah, packing 101. I'm writing a post about how to pack light, but I can't say I recommend forgetting a sweater. I mean really, I've been traveling since I was 5 or 6 months old (when I first went to Colombia. Fond memories oh yes) and I've perfected my packing technique over the years, so how do I make such a stupid mistake? As Molly Wizenberg says in Spilled Milk, "moving right along." Look at those delicious cakes and cookies at the Fumbally. Ohh the chocolate cake... and yet I didn't eat any cake on this trip! I stuck to the salads and the coffee. The trio of salads for lunch... I can never get enough!

Dublin 16 Dublin 19 Dublin 20 Dublin 21 Dublin 18

I wasn't actually hugging the door... I had just knocked and was resting on the door (as one does) and Steve came to open up and I almost fell into his home. That's better than hugging the door. Pictures from top to bottom: Steve's feet dangling on the barge; Stevie opening the lock; the Fumbally cakes; swan just swanning; bright yellow door; vintage madness; Dara! loveliest person; me not hugging a door; Stevie on a boat; trio of salads at the Fumbally; captain of the boat eating (and loving) the mango I prepared; Stevie waiting for the barge to arrive... And that's it for Dublin in August. 

Dublin 22 Dublin 23 Dublin 24 Dublin 25


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