September 24, 2015


popelini 3

Oh how hard it's been to eat less pastries... I've lived here for years, and for the first 8 or 9 years pastries in bakeries and patisseries were something we got every few months, maybe. I didn't spend my pocket money on them and when I did get a pastry, it would be a chocolate or coffee éclair. I hadn't heard of any of the big pastry chefs (my mom loved Pierre Hermé, so thank you SO MUCH, mother, for introducing me to my favorite macaron of all time!) other than Ladurée, which I can now tell you isn't more special than some other places out there. It's just the most famous one. Anyhow, in the last few years, my pastry consumption has gone way way up, and now I'm trying to get it back down to a normal amount. 

trufflePierre Hermé

white truffle macaron – This was one of the first macarons I discovered at Pierre Hermé many years ago. It was this and the vanilla olive oil flavored one that made me say "Hmm, this place is worth checking out more often." The white truffle macaron has a powerful taste, and when you order it, the people at Pierre Hermé put it in its own little package so the smell doesn't taint the rest of your macarons! I think it's really good. Try it! 


Champagne Cognac macaron – Dalloyau is much more than just macarons. They have a Salon de thé and restaurant on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré (here is the menu) and they make loads of pastries (I want this, always). I've only tried their macarons so far, and this one is my favorite. Maybe you've noticed by now, but I love when macarons are really strange and interesting... or vanilla. The Champagne/Cognac macaron has a great taste, and the very Dolloyau macaron texture, which is quite chewier than Ladurée or Pierre Hermé for example. 

popelini 1 popelini 2 popelini 4Popelini

Choux à la crème – caramel, vanilla, coffee, rose, pistachio... There's one I don't know there, but the list isn't long so maybe it was praline. I've only been to Popelini once so far, and it was back in February or March. It was so good and I've been dreaming of going back but there are too many pastry shops and boulangeries in Paris I haven't tried yet – I can't do it all, man. Choux or profiteroles are little mini éclairs. They are little balls of French choux pastry filled with pastry cream, custard, whipped cream or sometimes ice-cream. I've made them at home and they are the best. Good ones give you a bit of custard with every bite and aren't overly sweet. I went to Popelini with a couple ladies who were visiting Paris, and we absolutely loved these. We ate them on a bench in ten minutes. Maybe five minutes. As always, with most desserts, the caramel au beurre salé blew our socks off. I definitely recommend this little shop. Especially as a party gift. They are beautiful and come in a cute little box of six. 

Have you tried any good pastries in Paris lately? Let me know so I can check 'em out!

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