September 29, 2015


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I just got back from nine days in Dublin. For the first few days I stayed with my friend Dara, one of my favorite humans on earth. He is the most generous person I know and he has the kind of energy that is fully charged after only 2 hours of sleep. I don't know how he does it. (None of us do. It's one of those mysteries...) On the first day, we went grocery shopping and before we walked through the doors, he turned to me and said: "If you see something you want, grab it." It was the most fun I've had in a grocery store in a long time.
The first night we had people over and I worked on a fancy cheese plate while Dara made hummus. We had beer and gin and whiskey and wine (red and white) and, as if we didn't have enough, we went out for drinks and then came back for drinks.

I took my computer with me to Dublin this time because I wanted to be able to work on the blog and on music as well. I spent a few days at the Fumbally editing pictures and writing posts and sending out emails. I did well! The first few times at the Fumbally I only drank coffee, but on my very last day I had to have lunch there. I usually go for the trio of salads but I wanted to change. I didn't want a sandwich or soup, and for the first time ever I decided what I wanted in .2 seconds (this is big. I usually am the last to know what I want! It's really frustrating). I went with the day's special which was fantastic – smoked sea trout on walnut bread with raw beets, ricotta and a crème fraîche sauce. If you go to Dublin, go to the Fumbally.

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It was a really fun and interesting week and I will definitely be back in Dublin soon. I got to spend the second part of the trip with Stevie which made me really happy. We watched Whiplash the last night – that movie is inteeeense.

One morning, I woke up at 4:30 to drive to Sligo with my lovely friend Luke and Eithne of Inni-K. They were going to film a video on the beach, and they wanted someplace beautiful where the waves were wild. They picked Sligo. I went as an "assistant". Really, I simply held the speaker close to Eithne. She had to hear the song while she sang so she could be on time. We were waist-deep in the ocean, and the few passers-by stopped and looked at us puzzled. "What in the world are they doing?" they probably said to each other. It was quite cold, but we only needed five takes, which meant 30 minutes in the water total. My shoes were so dirty and full of sand... I still need to wash them again. It was loads of craic though. After shooting, the sun was out and we tried to get dry with one towel. We went into a place called Shells for a celebratory brunch where I got eggs benedict with salmon and a matcha latte. If you're ever in Sligo.....

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^ Who in the world pays 13 euros for a box of apple jacks!? hahahaha

Valentina Dublin Sept 14 Valentina Dublin Sept 17

^ This is 10 minutes after I arrived on the first day. Hank said "Yep, this is where I shall sit." On my jacket. Ok then, Hank.

Valentina Dublin Sept 18 Valentina Dublin Sept 15

Photos from top to bottom... Stevie and I reading Guts magazine // beautiful Sligo at 8am // Stevie and Steve excited about Guts #4 fresh off the press // Luke in Sligo // Sligo // polaroid of Luke & myself at Dara's // I tried to make a sort of eggs benedict with salmon // cheese plate! // Cormac, Emma, Dara & me // Dublin // Sligo in the morning // Luke in Sligo // ridiculously expensive crappy cereal // grocery shopping with Dara! // Hank the cat/lion on my stuff // thinking about the music video // cats on my bed // Luke and me looking into a mirror in Sligo

Valentina Dublin Sept 19


Eden Mint said...

Oh wow, I can't believe how expensive Apple Jack's is there -- that's insane! I haven't been to Dublin before but it sounds nice :)


Floortje van Cooten said...

Looks like a great time!



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