September 17, 2015


Valentina D. Instagram 1 Valentina D. Instagram 2

I'm only just realizing that I haven't posted Instagram pictures on my blog in ages. I love going back and remembering the moments I posted each picture. All the me-mo-riiiies... Some of these are from a month ago, others from four months ago. It's such a mix of people and places. I love traveling. I've been following more an more accounts on Instagram that post pictures of lovely places around the world. Wonderlust and such – I like it better than pictures of food. In fact, I believe out of the current 101 people I follow on Instagram, ONE is about food. I tell ya, I cannot deal with looking at pictures of food all day. 

Valentina D. Instagram 4 Valentina D. Instagram 3 Valentina D. Instagram 5 Valentina D. Instagram 6 Valentina D. Instagram 7 Valentina D. Instagram 8 Valentina D. Instagram 9

Lauren got me that book for my birthday. I read it in Italy in three days. I was so into it, even though I didn't know much about Patti Smith. Thanks Lauren!

Valentina D. Instagram 10 Valentina D. Instagram 11

Pictures in order
Meeting a cute new puppy in the Baer house // Steve's feet on the barge // old picture from the farm in Colombia // the beach in Italy with Gianluca last month // trying out electric guitars // flowers my mom sent for my birthday // castle in Abruzzo // Julia the dog, my favorite furry friend // Lauren and Patti Smith // Lucy drinking water from a pint glass // Dara and his summer ice-cream // lights

Valentina D. Instagram 12


Eden Mint said...

Those flowers are so pretty! Great photos :)

maria manuela Alloro said...

beautiful pics....

Wendy said...

Hi! I think I just discovered your blog by following an instagram post but I'm happy I found it. So random, but I JUST picked up that Patti Smith book at the library so already we have that in common. I wish I could be a minimalist too, but I just don't think I have it in me! I'm a Massachusetts native. Can't wait to read!

Made in Mauve said...

Lovely photos!

Made in MauveBloglovin

theglamandglitter said...

Oh I love this kind of posts! :) great pictures :)

Check out my blog if you want:

Tamara xxx

Patricia G. said...

So cute!! I love these Instagram pics!

Anna of The Analog House said...

Just discovered your blog. I love traveling too, especially to Europe. Looking forward to following your adventures!

Analog Houst

Dylana Suarez said...

What a lovely photo diary!


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