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September 15, 2015


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Here is a post with bits and pieces of my life in Paris over the summer – and even some pictures dating back to spring... It's already the middle of September and it is no longer feeling like summer in Paris. Well, I'm writing from Dublin, but when I left it wasn't feeling like summer... aahh, but it's Paris, and the weather in Paris is wonky. Who knows!

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Do you know Audrey? She has a fashion blog. Check it out. I don't get to see Audrey too often because she lives in the wonderful city of Barcelona. But sooometimes her blog brings her to Paris and sooometimes we get to have coffee or drinks or brunch at our regular place and we talk for a few hours and I remember why I like humans. She is a great one. 

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There's Dara with the biggest mojito in Paris. Ladies and gentlemen, the Royal Fuck Mojito that you can get at one of the restaurants next door to Shakespeare & Co. I shall always remember not remembering much about that night with Dara and Louise and three fish bowls of mojito and three pints of piƱa colada. 

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And Berthillon ice-cream because it is the best ice-cream and when I get it, I get three scoops.

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