September 27, 2015


Valentina Paris September
It's a beautiful day in Paris! I am showered and clean and on my way out to wander and read in the park. I will put up pictures of my time in Dublin soon, as well as thoughts on some of the restaurants and caf├ęs I went to while I was there. This month has been great as well as very stressful. I hope October will be (even) better. It was around this time last year that my second set of parents and big sis and mom traveled all the way from Davis, CA; Washington, DC and Cali, Colombia to spend parents' weekend with me. I just got to spend a few days with David and Ann here in Paris, so all the wonderful memories of last year are coming to mind and I'm feeling nostalgic. Here are some links for this Sunday! May you have a wonderful day. 

Check out my friend Roisin's magazine Guts. It's great. I was lucky enough to get the veeeery first copy hot off the press!

can I go back to Boston for lobster rolls, please......

missing Colombia!

spiced pumpkin pecan bread on crepes of wrath website. Like everyone else, I am very excited about pumpkin season. I wish I could be back in Northampton for it! I miss Smith and Noho so much!

remembering going to Barcelona yeeears ago... I like to go every year now ;)

mini vanilla pound cakes, the cutest! 

any smithies reading? Northampton, MA guide!

porridge with figs - enough said. I want it

I think I need these Hunter boots - any recommendations on rain boots? Tall or short? best brand?

another way to make coffee, I'll take it! 


Monique | WritingMonique said...

Such lovely links! That pumpkin pecan bread sounds great!

Nadia Kandil said...

Love the print!

Fash Boulevard said...

Such an adorable printed skirt. :)

Fash Boulevard

Maja K said...

I also like travelling and remembering all the places I visited so far :) xx Maja

Maja K said...

I also like travelling and remembering all the places I visited so far :) xx Maja

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