October 10, 2015


Valentina D. Instagram 27

France! Ireland! Italy! All the countries featured here today...

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"Lately" here is used the way my mother uses the phrase "the other day". Yesterday (as in yesterday) she said, "the other day I [insert activity here]" and when I asked when this was she said January. Some of these pictures date back to June, and we are already in October. As of late, time is going by too quickly and "lately" now encompasses last week and last year. I am becoming my mother. 

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It's almost strange going through these pictures again because so much has happened since each one was taken that it seems like a lifetime ago, but some are only from last month. The fresh mozzarella and homegrown tomatoes were eaten in Italy only two months ago. I still remember being on the barge with Stevie in August like it was yesterday. 

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Photos in order: Sinead and her bike after my birthday dinner • new bathing suit • joined the gym in July! • beautiful sky in Italy • swan in Ireland while on a barge with stevie • stairs to the metro in Paris • reading Guts on the metro • unbelievably good mozzarella in Italy • Lauren left! nooo • looking for an electric guitar in Paris • my guitar and some flowers my mother sent for my bday! • barge. barge. barge.  

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