October 29, 2015


breakfast Valentina 1

I was quite adventurous with breakfast the first half of this year. I didn't work until the evenings most of the time, and could take my time preparing different things, making them beautiful, taking photos. But now I'm a bit more boring when it comes to breakfast. This weekend I had homemade hojadra with eggs and cheese from the farm... at the farm. (I would spend all my weekends at the farm if I could.) Before the gym, I had a protein bar. Before our hike, I had a protein shake. There's beautiful food, and nourishing food. It's great when they're both, but I realize it's much more important when it's the second. Food that keeps me full for everything I want to do. Live, live, live an exciting life. Travel. Breathe. Sleep. Food that is not an obsession over what colors go well together, or over what angle and light it looks best. 

breakfast Valentina 2 breakfast Valentina 3 breakfast Valentina 4

Have you heard of the slow food movement? I listen to loads of podcasts and interviews about it. You should check it out. I want to slow down. Enjoy what I have. Sometimes I make something so good that I want seconds. I have that problem often, actually. And I finish so quickly that I don't feel full yet. Whenever something is delicious, I want more, even when I'm not hungry anymore. I remember my peanut butter and jelly on toast phase earlier this year. Or my oatmeal phase. Or my fig obsession (still an obsession!). Eating more boring food (unfortunately) is a good way to make myself listen to my stomach. I eat it, and then don't think about it. I'm full. It was nourishing. It did its job well. Thank you, food! ;)

breakfast Valentina 5 breakfast Valentina 6 breakfast Valentina 8

top to bottom: granola with roasted banana • different rice cracker toppings & half a grapefruit • scrambled eggs with ham, tomatoes, lettuce & slice of homemade life-changing bread with PB&J • oatmeal with turmeric & figs • PB&J on half english muffin, egg white with ham and cucumber, mango • english muffin with cheese, cucumber, salmon and homemade tzatziki-like sauce • homemade granola with mango, figs, pumpkin seeds • scrambled egg whites with avocado, kale, tomato & fresh fig 

breakfast Valentina 7

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