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October 20, 2015


ValentinaD Dublin Outfit 1

I loved taking these pictures with Emma while I was in Dublin in September. I forget how fun it can be to model. Emma was such a lovely person to work with, too. When I go to Dublin next month, the weather probably won't allow such pictures to be taken. I'll have to wear a feeeew more layers. Oh dear, I don't know how I will transition back to Europe's cold weather after being in Colombia for a month, and leaving right before it got chilly over there!

ValentinaD Dublin Outfit 2 ValentinaD Dublin Outfit 4

Speaking of transition, my visits to Dublin are so different than they were even two years ago. I knew people back then, but not as much as I do today. I would stay for a weekend, maybe a little bit longer and would do things with a tourist's eye most of the time. Today I walk around Dublin and hardly get lost – but I am lucky, I have a pretty wicked sense of direction anyway ;) I know more than the way to the Fumbally, too, eh! As per usual, I know zero street names (well, maybe three: Dara's street, Stevie's street and Fumbally lane) so I can't quite find my way around in thaaat sense. But if you tell me "Meet me at Grogan's" or "See you at [insert cafe name]" I'll get there with no problem most of the time! It happened slowly in Paris, but Dublin is so small, it's just easier to get around. 

I'm meeting more people, and they are amazing. Incredible people that start their own magazine, or bake amazing cakes, or make beautiful art (and more beautiful art). People who make me want to do everything. To say yes to every opportunity! Music and art and dance and writing and cooking and whatever might sound fun. To work with talented people and be creative and have fun. 

There's something about Dublin. There's also something about Paris, and Boston, and Northampton, and every other city I've visited or lived in. There's always that special something. You can't always put your finger on what it is that makes a certain place special to you. Nobody understands why you feel comfortable and whole in one place more than another. I don't know myself. But there's something about Dublin that makes me feel good. 

ValentinaD Dublin Outfit 5 ValentinaD Dublin Outfit 6

top: Uniqlo • necklace c/o Chandler the Robot • bag: Madewell • skirt: thrifted • boots: AndrĂ©


Claire Petersen said...

Gorgeous photos! And I'd agree that there's something about Dublin - I think it's because it's so small it feels like a community but still a city at the same time!

Next time you're in Dublin I'd love to collab with you and help you take photos for your blog. I'll introduce myself over email incase you're interested! :)

Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

Nicole said...

I love this skirt! I've been obsessed with that mustard color lately. Great look.


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