November 10, 2015


Colombia Octubre VCD 1

I got back to Paris on the 30th of October. I spent one glorious month in Colombia, as you may have seen on my instagram (I know it's just pictures of dogs, yes yes). I had been planning on a surprise visit to see my mom since May... Maaaaay people! It's a long time to keep a secret. Except it really wasn't a secret. Literally every person I met in Paris and Ireland was told, but who was going to tell my family in Colombia? So my mom (and everyone else in my family!) was very surprised. Pleasantly so (phew). She said it's the best gift I've ever given her. So that's good ;) 

My friend Kady (the only blond one in these pictures) also joined us for a few weeks. She loved Colombia – my family, the farm, the dancing, the avocado... I hope my other friends will follow in her steps and come to Colombia too. Everyone I ever invite ends up loving it! 

Colombia Octubre VCD 2 Colombia Octubre VCD 4 Colombia Octubre VCD 3 Colombia Octubre VCD 5 Colombia Octubre VCD 6

(My aunt and her three sons on her birthday – yay technology for keeping us all together even when we are apart! And the cake above is hilarious, right? She is super into technology so they made a computer cake haha!)

Colombia Octubre VCD 7 Colombia Octubre VCD 8 Colombia Octubre VCD 9 Colombia Octubre VCD 10

We went to the farm – la finca – a few times and traveled to Quimbaya, Salento and the Santa Rosa hot springs one weekend. We discovered an amazing restaurant in Filandia called Helena Adentro where we ate two nights in a row. It was that good. Delicious eggplant with caramelized onions and goat cheese, coconut drinks... mmmm. More on them in another post. 

Going to the farm was fantastic. It always is, this is not news. But this time I felt more attached to it than ever before. I do think I know why. 


I adopted Scott and Zelda... did you see them on my instagram? Here they are. My beautiful little creatures. You can read the story on the instagram picture. They feel mine. They are mine, even though they are at the farm, a few thousand miles away from me. I love them already so much. 


I read a phenomenal book by Jo Robinson, Eating on the Wild Side. I learned so much and have been using the information often since then. I highly recommend it! Furthermore, it's made me so excited about gardening and farming. Our farm has so much potential, and now I'm making plans to start planting more! Right now we have lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sweet peppers, corn, peas, cilantro, oregano, spinach, onion, and leeks. I have so many more ideas... 


I started listening to all iTunes U lessons in which Michael Pollan does some talking. An obsession maybe. I feel a need to learn about agriculture and food policy. The lecture in which Michael talks to the founder of Whole Foods was incredibly interesting. All the lectures made me think about food, where it comes from, how to appreciate it, what to do about it. I have more love for plants and animals, and so more love for the farm. All this ties back to that post in which I talked about becoming a pescatarian if you'd like to give it a read

Colombia Octubre VCD 11 Colombia Octubre VCD 12 Colombia Octubre VCD 13 Colombia Octubre VCD 14 Colombia Octubre VCD 15 Colombia Octubre VCD 16 Colombia Octubre VCD 17

Look at that happy girl in the picture below hahaha. That's Kady!

Colombia Octubre VCD 18 Colombia Octubre VCD 19 Colombia Octubre VCD 20 Colombia Octubre VCD 21 Colombia Octubre VCD 23 Colombia Octubre VCD 22

It's only been 10 days but it feels like I left forever ago! Cannot wait to go back. I loved being there for a whole month because I was able to do so many little things that are important to me – like join my mom's gym for the month! I always feel better after going to the gym... I am also working on making a list of all the organic, vegetarian, vegan, local shops and restaurants in Cali... It's hard to find, but not impossible! 

More on Colombia food and more on the farm later this week! 

Colombia Octubre VCD 24 Colombia Octubre VCD 25

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