November 18, 2015


Food in Colombia *1

I'm thinking about everything I eat in Colombia. The thing is I don't eat like a Colombian. I usually don't have rice. Ever. I don't eat more than two empanadas (and that was once the whole month I was there) and I the only fried thing I have once a week is the 'hojaldra' that is made at our farm. Colombian food can be very heavy. Fried this, fried that. But I have found things I love over there. Like that aloe vera juice (that I can find basically anywhere but for some reason I love in Colombia). Like the Juan Valdez coffee which is Colombia's version of Starbucks. Like all the green fruit (green mango, green guava) with lemon and salt (yes. This is my favorite thing ever). 

Food in Colombia 1 Food in Colombia *7 Food in Colombia *2 Food in Colombia 2

Those purple 'potatoes' are ullucos and my grandmother's housemaid cooks them into something so delicious and magical. Fruit, fruit, fruit. There's loads of that. A lot of plantain with every meal. And then ceviche. Oh ceviche, how I love ceviche. The colombian version is just as good as the peruvian... but different... BUT JUST AS GOOD. "Queso soya" which is a tofu cheese that blows my mind, and I don't know what I'll do in Paris without it. 

What did I notice when I became pescatarian my second week in Colombia? Colombians eat meat. Lots and lots of meat and chicken. Sometimes it was a struggle to find vegetarian options. But we found some great vegetarian restaurants and stores in Cali! Slowly, they are becoming more popular. 

Food in Colombia *3 Food in Colombia *4 Food in Colombia *5 Food in Colombia *6 Food in Colombia *9 Food in Colombia *8

So yes... here are some pictures of food from my time in Colombia last month. Some from parties (ahem, people don't eat cookie monster cupcakes every day... right?), some from restaurants, some from the farm. I'll be back next month and will try to remember to take even more pictures. Oh, I forgot to say... Colombian food isn't always very photogenic ;)

Food in Colombia 3 Food in Colombia *10

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