November 21, 2015



minimalist view on eating 

Sometimes I forget the delicate, pure taste of simplicity. As any person of my age, I am on the computer more than I'd like to admit, and some of that time is spent on Pinterest and Instagram. I've looked up many, many, many recipes and am very fond of cooking. But it's good to remember how great simple food tastes. 

I keep learning from my "mistakes". In the past few years, I started to take pictures of almost of the meals I made. Especially breakfast. Something simple, something that is supposed to keep me alive became complicated. Work. I assembled meals. And then this utterly stupid thought came to mind and it hit me. "But I can't take a picture of yogurt and honey, it won't make a great picture." Oh, so that's it. A salad with fifteen ingredients, a soup with twenty vegetables, a tart of thirty fruits and flavors... What about just one or two? I try to remind myself sometimes to do less. You're hungry? Just eat a fucking banana, don't turn it into a fancy fruit salad, says a voice in my head.

I remember so clearly this one day at Smith... I finished a small lunch and I was a bit hungry an hour later so I wondered what I could eat that wouldn't be too high in calories and would keep me full for a while... I looked in my fridge and saw a peach yogurt. My first instinct was to ask myself what I could add to it... granola, goji berries, pumpkin seeds... Then I stopped myself and decided to eat it as it was. Something I hadn't done in a while. I'm not even talking about the difference between processed "edible food-like substances" (Michael Pollan) and a homemade risotto. I'm talking about the difference between a turkey-cheese-tomato-basil-bacon-lettuce-mustard sandwich (perfectly good and homemade) and a slice of bread and butter. In essence, what we might call 'boring foods'. The other day, my snack was a slice of bread with salted butter. It was so flavorful and real! My goal is to try to eat more simply more often. I still love going out to restaurants and I still love cooking and coming up with crazy recipes and experimenting but I feel like there's something about simplicity that is so magical. Not to mention the money, calories and time saved.

Some examples of simplicity: turkey + mustard, bread + salted butter, plain yogurt + honey, banana + peanut butter, celery + peanut butter, apple + peanut butter, rice + ketchup (my own weird thing), pasta + mustard (not for everyone), tomato + salt, rolled oats + maple syrup. Those are some ideas, maybe you have some interesting ones too? I'd love to hear them. 

I've unfollowed most of the food instagram accounts I used to follow, and I've deleted most of my food boards on Pinterest and started over only pinning things I actually think I will likely make. I still love food, and cooking, but it's so much nicer to not think about it all the time, and to just enjoy it without making a fuss over each meal. Today I had plain tempeh with brown rice and ketchup and then for dessert I had leftover rice with a fresh date and a bit of cream. It was boring but it was good and I tasted every flavor. Let's not forget where our food comes from, and to feel grateful for the nourishment it provides. Here's to simplicity!

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