November 22, 2015



I've been talking a lot to my cousin's wife, Monica, about protein and working out and all things healthy. She's obviously been reading way more about it because she knows so much more than she did last time I saw her in December! It's been fun to learn from her, and it's made me start some of my own research. I've started following websites and blogs that write about health & fitness as well as people on Instagram who share healthy and mostly cruelty-free recipes. Starting a fitness journey is exhilarating and intoxicating but the truth is I hate the way most 'fitness people' eat. It looks so boring most of the time, I'm sorry to say. They eat loads of chicken hahaha. I used to eat chicken (and I loved it!) but since becoming a pescatarian, that's no longer an option. It seems like every day they eat egg whites for breakfast, turkey or chicken with sweet potato for lunch, turkey or chicken with rice and broccoli for dinner. Banana and peanut butter or protein shake or ten almonds for snack. None of these things are bad, but I just need more variety! and cooking is way too fun! I must say, I tried making protein balls for the first time while in Colombia and they were soooo delicious! Mmm... I guess there is some fun to be had and many recipes to try with protein powder and peanut butter ;) Here are some interesting links for you! Hope you enjoy them.

  • This website called "Two Foods" compares foods. It sounds a bit boring, but it's really great to put two fruits side to side and see what the differences in carbohydrates and protein really are. I find it fascinating...
  • How to prevent overeating... it's so hard, especially when you're eating something incredible (like the cheesecake my grandmother made last week) but necessary. I'm tired of feeling so stuffed I need a nap!
  • oh superfoods... how often I look you up and then eat crappy food.
  • I used to love when my mom would make me rice crispy treats! It didn't happen too often, especially since Paris doesn't have Rice Krispies cereal. Here are some good looking crispy rice protein treats because all desserts I make from now on will have protein powder in them ;)
  • some more good looking protein bars: one / two / three
  • if you're brave enough to do seven minutes of squats (last time I did, my legs hurt for the next two days! I also forgot to stretch... ok, so it was my fault. I always forget to stretch) then here's a link to a mini workout you can do today!



Joana Keys said...

Really glad you wrote this post as I've been going through a big change myself in terms of the way I eat and how I relate to food. Some of these links will be really helpful!

Joana x

Surya Kumar said...

I have been following few of your recent updates. Expecting more to come.. I just love it :)

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