November 1, 2015


Kady Colombia Valentina Duracinsky
Photo by Kady in Colombia

Jetlag is such a bitch. I didn't go to sleep until after three last night. I woke up only after my dad blew his nose extraordinarily loudly at 11:30am. I'm the kind of person who always wakes up around 8 or 9 so I wasn't in the best of moods. I had planned on going to the market today and didn't have much time, so I quickly got dressed, poured myself some coffee in my Smith College travel mug, and went to the market listening to a David Sedaris interview on my phone. 

The market was full of people, and I was happy to see that the two local, organic places had long lines. Annoyed? Maybe a little – who likes long lines? But seeing everyone choose local, organic, in season produce made me feel hopeful. I was in line behind a little old lady who was lovely. I grabbed a huge head of cauliflower. We talked about cauliflower. This is huge. Yes, but isn't it beautiful? Yes, but how will I cook it all! You don't have to cook it all at once, you can also freeze it if you dry it well – listen to the grandmothers! 

I prepared a seasonal menu for this week and I got everything from the two local, organic places at the market and I felt like a winner. My kitchen now feels whole: half a head of red cabbage, half a stalk of celery, fresh beets with the greens still attached, kale, fennel, red onions, half a butternut squash, garlic, cauliflower, apples and pears. Beautiful! 

Here are some links for this beautiful day... 

the more we learn about nutrition, the more we ignore

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oat-crusted maple plum galette... I want one!

I've done this already... cleaning out my closet... somewhat... maybe I need to do it and be stronger

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another beautiful tattoo...

yes to maple tahini vanilla granola? Hello, obsessed with granola here...

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Hanna Lei said...

Love your little list! And the photo is GORGEOUS -Hanna Lei

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