November 20, 2015


Valentina's Farm 1

There isn't much I love more than being at the family farm with my animal friends. If you've been following on Instagram, then you have already met Zelda (above) and Scott (below), my two new friends that I love so dearly already. When I am in Colombia, I need to go to the finca weekly. I like to spend two or three days there, though some people in my family just drive up in the morning and stay a few hours and drive back in the evening. Staying longer helps you get away from everything though. No internet, just the farm, and the animals, and the wilderness. Sometimes I shower. 

Valentina's Farm 2 Valentina's Farm 3 Valentina's Farm 4 Valentina's Farm 5

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Again, if you follow on Instagram, you've met Sargento (above). He is the most loyal dog I've ever known. I swear, sometimes I think he's a human stuck in a dog's body. Sargento loves attention. He jumps up and sticks his paws on your up-to-then clean sweater and stays there like he wants something. He wants love, I pressume. I think the arrival of Scott made him jealous and left him feeling a bit forgotten at times. I say this because I could FEEL his desperation. Yes, Sargento, I DO LOVE YOU! We all do! 

Valentina's Farm 6 Valentina's Farm 7 Valentina's Farm 8

At the farm, I am myself. Nothing physical matters – I wear the same things again and again (washing them of course, because soooomehow I tend to get clothes dirty (clue: dogs). I read, I eat, I think, I listen to podcasts until I run out of podcasts to listen to, I dance to music, I play with the dogs, I visit the pig and the hens, I think about planting more and about what it would be like to have a magnificent garden, I lay down on the floor with the dogs (I do that more than you'd think), I write, I sleep. 

Valentina's Farm 9 Valentina's Farm 10 Valentina's Farm 11 Valentina's Farm 12 Valentina's Farm 13

I feel so lucky to have a family farm in Colombia. I wanted to share these pictures with you because they show you my immense love for animals hahaha. Going through my pictures from last month, I realize half are of animals, maybe more. I hope you like looking through these pictures... I just think they are all so adorable and I love being able to share my love for animals and the farm! I mean, just look at those baby ducklings! 

Valentina's Farm 15 Valentina's Farm 14 Valentina's Farm 16 Valentina's Farm 17 Valentina's Farm 18

As you can see, the horse and I share the same hair color. Maybe we go to the same stylist.

Valentina's Farm 19 Valentina's Farm 20

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