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November 6, 2015


Valentina Worn Colombia blue 1 Valentina Worn Colombia blue 2

All the women in my family, nay, Colombia, get their nails done almost weekly. My family is very veeery into being clean. Shower every day (this seems obvious maybe, but sometimes I'm more of a "Am I going out though?" kind of showerer) and wear deodorant and if your nails don't look good, get 'em done. It's really nice. Right now my fingers and toes are gold. I'm fancy that way. I am quite predictably boring at the salon. Gold or red. I don't adventure much out of those two colors... On my mom's birthday, Kady and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy hairdo. I took a picture of Annie Clark to the hair salon. This is what I want, I said. I want to be Annie Clark

I didn't say that part, but I thought it, belieeeve me. 

They washed my hair (could one say I've gone to the Colombian salon (cheaper) because I've been too lazy to wash my own hair? One could indeed) and two ladies were at my hands and feet, TICKLING ME (ah I do hate pedicures). I have no idea how the lady did my hair. I've tried my hand at hairstyles to no avail. Like, my only achievement is dyeing it myself. It's great though, I get so many compliments on my hair. Thank you, I grew it myself. Oh, ohh you mean the color? Yeah, no, that's fake. 

Valentina Worn Colombia blue 3 Valentina Worn Colombia blue 4
romper: Garage

I didn't magically turn into St. Vincent, unfortunately. Let's not even talk about all the songs I wrote in Colombia (z.e.r.o.) I bet Annie just wrote something in the last 5 minutes. But I did like that hairstyle a lot, and if I were still in Colombia, I'd go get it again. Tomorrow. The romper in these pictures is the most comfortable thing on the planet. I usually don't have to bother wearing a bra when I wear it. From now on, I'll buy things based on that factor alone. I mean, wouldn't you?

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Mila @jestcafe said...

Beautiful! and I have always wanted to go to Colombia! so fun

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