December 30, 2015


kitchen experiment 1

I love experimenting in the kitchen... but this is coupled with a laziness that often takes over when I'm too hungry and don't feel like lifting a finger. Luckily I haven't been too lazy these days. I've started to experiment more than ever. In fact, I woke up at 7am the other day and cooked all day long, preparing four different salads, veggies and dip and four different phyllo pastries for my entire family. I didn't know what the dressing for each salad would be until the very last minute. I threw a few things together, and luckily everything was a success! 

kitchen experiment 2 kitchen experiment 3

I realize that I eat a lot of raw vegetables. As much fun as it is to eat quiche or anything that requires the stove or oven, I don't always use those when it's just me. I might caramelize some onions to throw on my salad, or cook the tempeh a little bit, but when I'm just cooking for myself, I eat raw more than I knew I did. (However, I learned in this book that the most nutritious way to eat carrots is cooked and with some kind of fat.) 

kitchen experiment 4 kitchen experiment 5

After discovering Tesco's caramelized onion hummus, I decided to try to make it at home... it turned out fantastic! That's what you see above. All the hummus! That probably lasted four days max. In the other pictures you see that I've tried making fruit salads using the pineapple as a bowl, I've learned to cook octopus, I discovered purple carrots, and I've made so many variations on the regular delicious hummus. So much more though! You should definitely try new things in the kitchen. It's so fun and so great when your efforts turn into something amazing. 

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