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January 15, 2016


Xmas Cali 1 Xmas Cali 2

I wanted to share some pictures from my recent trip to Colombia! Pictures of dogs, and then some other stuff too. I got back to Paris last night and what do I see on FB this morning but an article about Colombia being the #1 happiest country on earth haha! It's true – Colombia is magical. Oh and hey, I know I have many pet peeves (whistling, people who chew too loudly, poking me, when people "jokingly" ask me why I'm so angry when I'm not smiling – I was fine, like, but now you made me angry, and worst of all when we are at a red light and the driver does that thing where he puts his foot on the break again and again so the car moves to that rhythm, you know that one? I have never said anything because it's such a strange thing to get angry about but it drives me insane) but let's just add another one to the list... So guys, I am Colombian. From Colombia. COLOMBIA not "Columbia"! I swear to God. Phew, ok rant over.

  Xmas Cali 14Xmas Cali 10 Xmas Cali 9 Xmas Cali 3 Xmas Cali 4

One tradition is to go to my uncle's farm and make manjar blanco and natilla from scratch. It takes hours and hours but the whole family gets together and there's dancing and food and fun. Oh and dogs. Always dogs. This time around there were five little puppies that all the kids (and I) played with the whole afternoon. 

I also spent a few days at our farm in the mountains. I did some gardening and played with the dogs. The first night, my cousin and I were sitting by the fire, talking and having a grand time, when all of a sudden his eyes went wide with noticeable fear. He smiled and and laughed and in a seemingly calm voice said: "Don't be scared but..." and I jumped up knowing exactly what it was. My fear of spiders is known. This was a fucking tarantula that was crawling not 10 inches from my legs. I won't go on about it though. It was a horrific two minutes. It is dead now. 

Xmas Cali 5 Xmas Cali 6 Xmas Cali 7 Xmas Cali 8 Xmas Cali 11 Xmas Cali 12

My puppy Scott is doing really well. He's happy and loving and such friendly dog. He has a little skin condition that hasn't gotten better yet. You can see it in these two pictures, some of his hair has fallen off. Poor little puppy! But it doesn't seem to bother him. He eats and drinks well and plays around with Sargento all the time. He makes me happy. 

Xmas Cali 13 Xmas Cali 15

Meeting new family members! This is Matias, my cousin's three month old son (with my cousin and his daughter). Like me, Matias was also born in California. I like that we have that in common... He was sleeping in this picture, but he is such a happy baby. 

It was so great to be with the family again. I won't be back for quite a few months now, and I have some excitement ahead of me here in Paris, but honestly, time is going to fly by and before I know it, I'll be on a plane back to warm Cali...

Xmas Cali 17 Xmas Cali 16

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