January 19, 2016


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There seems to be an order to these pictures... I don't remember copying them chronologically but I guess I did. The first few (quite a few, really) are from my time in Ireland in November. Then the last five or so are from Christmas in Colombia. Two very different climates. I remember that one night in Cali, when it was boiling hot and I couldn't sleep. I couldn't even wear pjs I was so uncomfortably warm, and I couldn't take off my skin. I had a bottle of water at my bedside table and packs of ice on my body, rotating position until melted. 

I have the memory but I cannot feel it in the slightest. I cannot because Paris weather today – January 19th 2016 for the records of really really really annoying weather in France – is damn cold. My body is fighting the tingling and literal pain of the biting chill of winter. My gloves (that I wear inside the loft as well as out) are incredibly useless. I look at people with no hat and judge them from a distance. I also wear hats indoors. What is going on? I cannot get a single thing done. It's as if I was put in an icebox and lulled to sleep. Every inch of me hibernating until spring. Especially the tips of my fingers. They feel constantly raw and frostbit-y. How can I play guitar like so! 

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Paris, Paris, Paris... How funny to be talking about Paris when not one of these pictures relates. Well, Ireland then. The weather was just as dreadful over there. And again, to go back to my body not physically remembering the weather in which it is not... Right before going to Ireland, I was in Colombia for a month. And the weather at the beginning of November was particularly good in Paris. So when I came back from Colombia, and packed for a week in Barcelona and a month in Dublin, I couldn't physically remember winter weather. The intensity of it, the need for layers, nothing. I can't explain why I thought taking a trench coat to Dublin would suffice, but I guess that's just it: I didn't think. So off I went to Paris with a trench coat. And once I arrived, I went for a week without a real coat. Then, I was at the Dublin flea market with my friend Massi and we said Enough is enough! and decided to find me something – anything – to cover me up. Now Massi, like myself, isn't too fond of shopping so I felt a bit of pressure. By this, I mean I bought the first faux-fur I tried on. With the gentle help from Massi: "Yes, yes, it looks great, darling. It fits, buy it! Just buy it!" You can see it in the photo above. It's actually quite lovely, even though the shoulders might be a bit broad. It makes me feel glamorous, like. And hell, it kept me relatively warm... though nothing keeps me warm in the winter, so let me put it this way: it made me feel less not-freezing. 

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But if we move onto Colombia... oh Colombia, and the equally lazy qualities of the heat. If I can't get anything done in the cold, I really can't get anything done in the heat. It's all about extremes, man. I can't deal with the extremes! 

This always makes me think of those "would you rather" situational questions. For some reason, I always ask myself "would you rather weather that is too cold or too hot?" and in the past I always have said that at least you can pile on the layers when it is cold, and you can't get naked or rip off your skin when it's too hot. But it's an impossible question. If it's too cold, and you pile on the layers, you can hardly get a thing done. Look at me, I have spent countless hours under the covers over the past few days back in Paris. 

What I now realize is that even after asking myself this question for the millionth time – in Colombia, not two weeks ago, I was convinced extreme cold was better than the unbearable heat – I will never find the answer... and it's ok. Nobody is ever going to force me to be in one or the other. So why do I continuously torture myself over this silly question! Oh Val, you fool. 

So here we are, folks. This was my first post back in Paris. As for traveling, all I know is Colombia is planned for July so I can attend my mother's wedding [insert image of me jumping up and down with excitement]. 

I hope you're having a great week. 

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