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January 2, 2016


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2015, what a strange and amazing year. Funnily enough, I don't want to look back. Other than posting pictures from all the travels and my favorite people, I'm going to talk only about 2016 now. It's a new year, a new start (though it's never too late to start again. Sometimes we sabotage an entire day saying we'll start again tomorrow but it's never to late to start in that same day. You can start right now. Whatever it is you want to start. Close your eyes, press your "restart" button – cue mac computer startup chime – and you're good to go) and for me it's an especially exciting one. So much happened in 2015 and so much is changing in 2016.

My dad got remarried in November, my mom got engaged in December, and I'm moving into a loft in the 11th in Paris with my lovely new friend-housemate Peter. I'll be working, I'll be singing, I'll be cooking, I'll be making art.

I think about certain things obsessively these days. I've talked about them on my blog quite a lot. Minimalism. Never forget that word, do I? Because I move around quite a bit, I'm always packing. I cannot deal with how much time I waste putting away things... Food. I've been reading a lot of Michael Pollan books (and many others, I'm just such a fan of Michael Pollan!) and am getting more and more interested in proper nutrition, the science of food, agriculture, food policies, etc. Fitness. It's not something I've imagined, I stopped working out often and it's noticeable. This is not good! So for the new year I have compiled a small list of 5 goals I hope to achieve. 

finish books. more knowledgable. 

Especially with the last book, I have been able to talk a lot about what I've learned and share interesting facts with my family in Colombia. And there's nothing like sitting down to read a book. I would like to find more time to read. This will also help me understand how I waste time, and stop doing that. 

ballerina body. dedication and flexibility. 

It has been my dream forever to be able to do the splits. I cannot. I'm not even close. I also need to hit the gym harder and get the 2013 body back, with more muscle. All this I want with the dedication of a ballerina (almost – I don't plan to give it 20 hours a day like). Have you noticed that? There's nothing more inspiring than someone who is 100% dedicated and in love with what they are doing, hard work and all. 

eat healthier. understand nutrition. 

Because I can't keep eating this way and neither can the world. So much sugar and too big quantities. too fast, too sweet, too much. Reading so many articles and books on the subject, I am still hungry for more (knowledge, that is.) I want to understand the science of food and the effects on our body. I want to understand the psychology and why non-celiac people are suddenly on gluten-free diets (just because a cake is gluten-free doesn't make it healthy. Trust me, I made the chocolate cakes at the Fumbally. So. much. sugar. and. butter.) I want to understand the chemistry of baking even! How can I bake healthier, substituting ingredients, and reducing sugar. I want all this so I can help others (Michael Pollan as my mentor) without big corporations paying me to look the other way. I want truth, and not food religions. 

artistic and calm.

God, I hope this year will be better for my music. I'll be living with a musician, which I believe will push me to play more and write more. It's exciting. I also love painting and finishing little watercolors. I would love to find a bit of time every day to paint and do music (and stretch and workout and read... it'll be tricky) I also snuck "calm" into this goal, because these two things are sometimes calming and relaxing, and I want to be a more relaxed human being ;)

environmentally conscious. 

Buy less, sell more. I've been trying to do that for aaaages. If I do need to buy things, I'd like to look for already-used items first. When it comes to food, I don't want to be fooled by expiration dates and ugly fruit & veg. We throw away so much stuff we could still be eating. I'd like to bike around Paris more. Turn off the lights, use less energy.

So that's me! What about you?

Barcelona // Stevie on a barge // Playing at Whelan's (by Dara Munnis)
pizza in Naples // Italy // Stevie and me reading Guts

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