March 17, 2016


bastille outfit valentina bastille outfit valentina 2
necklace c/o Junam • dress: vintage • shoes: Minelli • bag c/o Lodinatt

Guys, guys, guys... spring is here... I think it is! Last Friday was the first day that I was able to leave the loft without a coat. It was amazing. After going to the gym in the morning, I cycled home and decided to keep going. I left my sports bag, grabbed only my velib' card, some money, my keys and my phone and headed out on another cycling adventure. I went all the way up to the 18th, checked out some streets and places I had never seen before, then cycled down to the Marais. I got off to check out the dresses in BHV since I'm on the lookout for a bridesmaid dress for my mom's wedding this summer. I found nothing but I still have time. 

The Marais is such a popular place. The streets were packed! Around 5:30pm I was (finally) getting tired so I decided to pick up a falafel wrap at L'As du Falafel for dinner in the evening and head back home. I cycled up to Belleville while the sun was going down. It's difficult. I don't have a problem going down to the Marais, or Bastille or even all the way down to St Michel... but going up! Ah, my legs feel the burn once I make it up to Couronnes. It's a two minute walk to my loft from the velib' station, but it always feels like my legs are suddenly so light haha. I can tell you, I devoured that falafel wrap... ah man! One of my favorite things! 

Today was beautiful too. I had to run an errand at 8am and I was afraid it might still be too cold to go out without a coat that early but it was just a lovely chill that reminded me of walking to classes at Smith in the early days of spring. I miss Smith and Northampton so much these days. I would love to visit. I would love to go back to all those wonderful shops and restaurants I loved so much! I would get the pad thai at Thai Garden – with extra peanut sauce! and the salmon caesar salad at Paul & Elizabeth's which has polenta croutons (the only kind of crouton I shall eat!), and then I'd go to Viva Pasta and have the sweet potato ravioli with maple-walnut sauce (Oh my god), and I'd somehow fit in ice-cream at Herrell's, GoBerry froyo, sushi at Zen, and breakfast at the Green Bean. Of course let's not forget coffee and pastries at Haymarket, as well as the kalhua chocolate fallen soufflé cake at the Roost. Seriously, I could go on and on... You would think I would forget Northampton living in Paris and all. 


Hey, spring weather. I love you. 

March 16, 2016


Profiterole Cherie 1

Doesn't that look heavenly? Profitérole Chérie is a relatively new pastry shop in Paris, opened only in 2014. It is not just a buy-it-to-go shop. You can sit down and eat your profitérole right there in their beautiful back-room. They offer a simple menu to choose from, and even though it was relatively easy for me to choose (my obsession with vanilla continues) my friends had a hard time choosing between mont blanc (chestnut cream), citron meringué (lemon), and paris-brest (praline and hazelnut)... 

Profiterole Cherie 2 Profiterole Cherie 3

Like Popelini (which is literally right down the street) and L'Eclair de génie, it's one of the first times that a shop has focused solely on one type of pastry. I think their concept is so interesting and the result is delicious. If you're visiting Paris, there is a big change you will find yourself wandering around the Marais. There are many, many pastry places to choose from but if you're up near Temple or Filles du Calvaire or one the closest métros, why not stop here for an afternoon dessert? You could even have lunch down the street, in the Marché des Enfants Rouges. 

Profiterole Cherie 4

March 12, 2016


Paris Valentina Feb 2016 1

Life at the loft is good. Yesterday was the most beautiful, warm day I've had in Paris since December (because December had some weirdly warm days). Since I moved in in January, I've been posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, talking about how wonderful it is here, but it's also been insanely cold – outside but in the loft as well. So I would spend evenings basically frozen and unable to do anything. Right now I'm wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants and socks. One week ago I couldn't fathom the thought of not covering every inch of my body. Gloves were necessary inside my home. 

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 2 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 3

That was a car selfie. Moving day (luckily a very sunny day, could you imagine moving in the rain?!) when the car was so so so so full of my stuff and there was hardly even room for me. I've been trying to get rid of more clothes and things (I sold two dresses and have a small donation bag) because now that I have a small room and other people to live with, I realize I need to do this. Quicker. Less is more.

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 4 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 5 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 6 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 7

I've been going to the gym four mornings a week and loving it! Especially since I started eating and drinking everything in sight. For a week now, I've been taking much better care of myself. It was getting out of hand! 

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 8 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 9 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 10 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 11

Walking around Paris with my (currently sick) housemate Peter. We have fun!

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 12 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 13

My housemates are Ruth and Peter. There are three of us, and it seems like we need to buy coffee every two days! So much caffeine in our bodies at all time. 

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 14 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 15

Movie nights are a thing here. With the projector and the huge walls, it's just absolute perfection. We've watched many, many movies. On my first night here we watched the classic Casablanca (my choice). So far, we've watched films such as Interstellar (absolutely BRILLIANT), The African Queen, North by Northwest, This Philadelphia Story, The Hateful Eight, Labyrinth, The Big Lebowski, The Big Short, Brooklyn... Any recommendations of films we should watch next?

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 16
Paris Valentina Feb 2016 17 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 18

I should have another dinner party soon. I love having people over. So this is life in Paris for me at the moment... More pictures soon! Have a great weekend everyone. x

March 4, 2016


breakfast 1 Valentina D

breakfast ideas

I used to eat a lot of yogurt for breakfast... These days, since I haven't had a real job in ages, I just go to the gym in the mornings. It's my one routine, and I've been loving that part of each day (other than that, I am completely lost). It also means that for breakfast I don't have anything heavy most of the time. Today I had a bowl of oats with nuts, dried berries and maple syrup but other days I have a latte and then munch on an energy bar on the way to the gym. That's it really.

I've been loving these ones: 

breakfast 2 Valentina D Lunch Valentina D 3

I've also been making smoothies for my housemates and myself a lot. I'll make little protein smoothies in the afternoon and sometimes big fruity vanilla protein smoothies in the morning. It's nice to live by the Belleville market. We usually stock up on apples, bananas and whatever is in season... Lately we've been having a lot of sweet potato fries, sautéed fennel with mustard, fresh persimmon, and always carrots, cucumbers and zucchinis with hummus. Perfect snack, you know? But breakfast hasn't been too interesting these days, nah ;)

Breakfast 3 Valentina D

March 1, 2016


20e 4 -

Personal style crisis

I don't know who I am anymore. BOOM. WTF? Let's calm down, it's just clothes.

Since the age of 11, my style has changed quite dramatically every couple of years. As a teenager, I went through many awkward phases. We all do, I know. I went from "skater girl" to "preppy" to "bohemian" to I don't even know — that style a few years back, with the girly waisted dresses and colored tights and berets and bright cardigans... remember that one? to "thrift store enthusiast", to "I'm not buying any more f&*%ing clothes".

These days I find myself wearing the same items over and over again. But I rarely feel pretty. Lots of clothes hang in my closet, untouched. Since gaining back most of the weight I lost, everything feels wrong after knowing what the skinnier version of me looks like in them. But it's bigger than that. When I look in the closet, I just think I should sell all of it. The idea of getting rid of everything is so appealing. I'd love to start over. 

Many things I own remind me of my old self. And I think that I want to let go of that person. I'm different and going in another direction, and I look into the closet and see the old me there. I'm still utterly lost, and not in any place to pretend I know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to wardrobe detoxing, but here are some of the questions I've been asking myself, and some of the things I've been doing to try to conquer this wardrobe crisis.

what items do I love/hate? why?

I actually had to search the internet a bit to find some clues on how to understand my personal style. We all have one, whether we think about it a great deal or not. The first piece of advice someone gave was to look through your closet and pick out your favorite and least favorite items. Why are they your favorite? What do you like about them? What ties them all together? Why do you dislike the other items? Think about style, color, fit...

Taking pictures of the outfits I like

The times I use Photo Booth on my computer are often to snap a quick picture of whatever I'm wearing if I like it as a whole and it makes me feel good. Then I can go back to see what I like, remind myself of items that go well for future reference and start compiling some go-to outfits. 

Taking into account age/occupation/lifestyle

We all know Kayla Itsines by now, right? She is always in sportswear. She once posted a picture of herself in a dress, saying she had rented the dress because she had no use for it other than for that one wedding she wore it to! It would be silly for her to buy ten dresses if her lifestyle doesn't demand her to wear that kind of clothing. What do you do? I myself have a mix of dresses, skirts and jeans. I like to wear short sleeve dresses when I do gigs, I only like heels for going out at night, and on a normal day, I like comfortable clothing. I don't need very fancy clothes 99% of the time. I like to wear things that I don't mind getting dirty.

I've started trying to sell my clothes online. So far I've sold two dresses, but ideally I'll be rid of most of my things fairly soon. I have stopped buying new clothes because not only is my wardrobe full but I don't see the point as my style might change again. Do you guys have any experience with a style crisis? 

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